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Georgia Capitol building

House Approves Gov. Deal's 'Failing Schools' Amendment

The Georgia House has approved Gov. Nathan Deal's plan allowing a state takeover of "chronically failing" schools, setting up a statewide vote in 2016.
Chris Christie

Ga. Republican Convention To Feature Parade Of Stars?

Georgia Republicans hope their May convention is a cattle call for potential presidential candidates. Over a thousand delegates will attend the gathering in Athens.
Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Bill On Its Way To Gov. Deal’s Desk

A bill allowing a form of medical marijuana to be used to treat certain ailments is headed to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal after a two-year legislative battle. It is expected to be signed. House lawmakers agreed, 160-1, Wednesday to the compromise measure.
State Sen. Josh McKoon

House Panel Takes Input On McKoon Sponsored Religious Freedom Bill

A Georgia House panel heard hours of testimony on a divisive "religious freedom" bill, one of a wave of measures surfacing in at least thirteen states. The bill was supported and largely authored by Sen. Josh McKoon of District 29 in Columbus, Ga.

Rep. Peake's Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Senate

The Georgia Senate has overwhelmingly passed a sweeping medical marijuana bill that now goes back to the House for tweaking.
Speaker David Ralston and Rep. Earl Ehrhart

Speaker Ralston Hopes For Medical Marijuana Vote, Dispute Resolution

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston says he hopes both chambers will vote this week on a bill allowing people with any of eight medical conditions to use a type of medical marijuana.
Gov. Nathan Deal budget hearings

House Panel OKs Governor's School Takeover Amendment

A key Georgia House committee has approved Gov. Nathan Deal's proposal to take over schools dubbed "chronically failing" and place them in a state-run district.
Confederate license plate

Is A Confederate Flag License Plate Free Speech?

The U.S. Supreme Court is tackling a question of great interest to America's auto-loving public: Whose speech is that on your specialty license plate?

Hillary Clinton Is Ready To 'Stand Out' As A Female Candidate

At the end of the grueling 2008 primary fight, Hillary Clinton gathered supporters in Washington, D.C., and delivered perhaps the most memorable line of her whole campaign.

Looking for Clarity in Death Row Clemency

A bill in the General Assembly has been praised for its potential to make transparent the inner workings of the Board of Pardons and Parole, but there are questions about just how far that transparency will go.