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Rev. Franklin Graham Rallies For Christian Voters In Atlanta

Thousands of people filled Liberty Park at the state capitol Wednesday to hear Reverend Franklin Graham, eldest son of evangelist Billy Graham.

Year's First Religious Freedom Bill Passes Georgia House

Rep. Brian Strickland (R-McDonough) sponsored the bill, which prevents state schools from participating in sports associations that bar athletes from wearing religious images.

What Do The New Hampshire Results Mean For Georgia's Primary?

The New Hampshire primary is history, and the presidential race takes another turn.

Georgia Lawmaker Wants Fulton and DeKalb To Pay More For MARTA

Residents of Fulton and DeKalb counties currently pay a 1 percent sales tax for MARTA. Sen. Brandon Beach (R-Alpharetta) has introduced legislation that would allow Fulton and DeKalb voters to approve an additional 1/2 percent sales tax for the system.

Pastor Protection Bill Passes First Test

The bill that would keep religious leaders from being forced to marry same-sex couples passed its first test at the Capitol Thursday. The legislation, known as the Pastor Protection bill, made it through a House Judiciary Subcommittee with minor changes.

Georgia Lawmaker Wants STEM Classes To Count More For HOPE Scholarship

Rep. Jan Jones' (R-Milton) bill passed unanimously on Wednesday after she explained it on the House floor.

Jimmy Carter Says Scans Show No Signs of Cancer

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said that a scan of his torso conducted last week found no signs of melanoma, the serious form of cancer that doctors discovered last summer in his liver and brain, but he will continue treatment on February 9th.

Legal Or Not, Rep. Allen Peake Plans to Keep Helping Registered Users Obtain Cannabis Oil

Macon Republican Allen Peake said he plans to continue helping registered cannabis oil users in Georgia obtain the drug, despite what was widely seen as a warning earlier this week from Governor Nathan Deal.

Georgia Lawmakers Contend With Even More Religious Freedom Bills

Sen. Josh McKoon’s (R-Columbus) religious freedom bill may be the one that’s received the most publicity, but there are now at least seven different religious freedom bills under consideration at the Capitol this session.

NPR And GPB's Sarah McCammon On The Iowa Homestretch

After months of campaigning, the 2016 presidential election is kicking off in earnest with next week's Iowa Caucuses.