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Baton Bob Opts For 'Love Not Gay Marriage'

On any given afternoon, somewhere along Peachtree Road, Atlanta’s most famous costumed street performer is likely dancing along the sidewalk wearing a brightly-colored tutu, blowing a whistle and throwing a majorette baton.

DeKalb CEO Guilty Of Perjury And Extortion

A jury has found suspended DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis guilty of of attempted theft by extortion and perjury. Ellis was accused of pressuring county vendors for campaign contributions.

Arguments On The Confederate Flag

A dozen NAACP members from Georgia gathered at the Dodge County Courthouse last week to call for the removal of the Confederate flag that flies on the courthouse grounds. A handful of counties in Georgia allows the Confederate flag to fly over government properties.

Looking Back On An Historic Day: Same-Sex Marriages Begin In Georgia

The decision was coming, but no one knew when. Would it be today? Monday? Maybe the Supreme Court was having trouble coming to a final ruling, and would issue it in July? Turns out, Friday was the day.

Deal: Georgia Will Follow Federal Law

Following today’s Supreme Court ruling that legalizes gay marriage in all states, Gov. Nathan Deal said Georgia will follow federal law.

Despite Obamacare, One In Five Adult Georgians Still Uninsured

Nearly a half–million Georgians breathed a sigh of relief Thursday after the nation's highest court upheld their right to federal healthcare subsidies. In a 6–3 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to keep the law known as Obamacare intact.

Talking Racial Divides and Healing After Charleston

Police clashes with black youth in Ferguson... in Baltimore... in McKinney, Texas. The ouster of the N-Double A-C-P leader in Spokane, Washington. These are moments when race emerged as a national issue.

Decision Means More Than 400,000 Georgians Will Keep Coverage

More than 412,000 Georgians can receive tax subsidies designed to make health insurance affordable after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the nationwide assistance on Thursday. Experts say the court's ruling means little will change for people using the federal exchange to buy insurance.

Former Gov. Barnes Reflects On Georgia's Confederate Flag Controversy

In the aftermath of the tragic shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, the controversy over states that continue to display the Confederate battle flag has once again come to the forefront.

The Supreme Court's Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage: What Will It Mean For Georgia?

In a matter of days, the U.S. Supreme Court could strike down same-sex marriage bans in Georgia and a dozen other states. It would be a decision with wide-ranging implications, from wedding planners in Savannah to gay couple who want to divorce.