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Concussion Controversy: Return To Play May Be Just The Beginning

Starting January 1, 2014 student athletes will be better protected in gyms and on playing fields across Georgia. At least, that is the goal behind the Return to Play Act.

Atlanta Braves' Bobby Cox Heads To Baseball Hall Of Fame

Retired Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame Monday.

Can Atlanta Keep The SEC Championship Game?

Fans are pouring into Atlanta for this weekend’s Southeastern Conference Championship game between Auburn and Missouri. Traveling to the city for the title game in the Georgia Dome has been a tradition for college football fans for more than a decade.

50 Years of Dooley: Coach ‘Proud’ Of Tenure

Looking back, Vince Dooley never expected to last at the University of Georgia.

The Braves May Leave Atlanta, But Hands Off Hank Aaron’s Wall

The Cobb County Commission will vote Tuesday on whether to approve a financing package for a new stadium for the Atlanta Braves. The team says it wants move to out of the city, and if it does, it won’t be the first time the Braves abandon a stadium.

Mercer Football Has Winningest Debut Season In NCAA Division I History

Mercer University has the most successful first-year football program in NCAA Division I history. The Bears wrapped up their season Saturday with the record-setting win.

Mercer Football Could Set Record For Debut Season Wins

Mercer University’s rebooted football team didn’t win their shot at the championship title with a loss at Marist College last Saturday, but the possibility of setting a national record still exists.

Braves Move: Cobb Schedules Stadium Town Halls

People in Cobb County will now have their chance to give input on the Atlanta Braves’ new stadium deal. Commissioners have scheduled three town hall meetings for Monday, November 25, specifically for public input on the development. The Commission is set to vote on the issue Tuesday.

Mercer University Football Out Of Title Contention

Mercer University football's five-game winning streak is over. Mercer was bested 33-7 by Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York Saturday.

After Braves Move, Atlanta Could Scramble To Replace Millions In Lost Taxes

When the Braves leave for the suburbs in 2017, the City of Atlanta will lose about $4 million in annual sales tax revenue. That figure comes from an economic impact study by Professor Bruce Seaman of Georgia State University. Seaman drafted a report for the Braves in 2012.