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GPB News - Education

Two School Boards Face State Hearings

The school boards of Coffee County and Atlanta Public Schools face hearings this month on whether their members should be suspended.

Colleges Impact Local Economies

Georgia’s 35 colleges and universities add billions to local economies. A new study says they also create more than 130-thousand jobs.

Commission Begins School Funding Study

Exactly how much should it cost to educate a child in Georgia? Members of a new state commission will try to answer that question starting Thursday morning.

Feds OK School Board Removal Law

Governor Nathan Deal's office says the U.S. Department of Justice has signed off on a law passed this year allowing the governor to oust members of school boards.

11 Charters Get State Approval

The State Board of Education gave the okay this morning for eleven charter schools to remain open. The schools had been at risk of closing since a May state Supreme Court decision overturned the agency that opened them.

Three School Districts Convert To Charter Systems

August 17, 2011: This story has been updated to correct the following error: Calhoun City schools converted to a charter district, not Calhoun County.

Race To Top Money Not For Ga.'s Charters

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told a group of charter school advocates that Georgia’s Race to the Top winnings are already reserved for other projects and so cannot be used to help the schools make up budget shortfalls.

Clinton Tells Charter Schools To Think Big

Former President Bill Clinton was in Atlanta Tuesday morning with a message for charter schools: The institutions need to strengthen the link between education and innovations in health, the economy and the environment, he says.

New Rules Limit Teacher Grad Programs

Georgia teachers can qualify for raises averaging $6,000 a year by earning a masters degree. Until now educators could get their degree from practically any university across the country. That includes unaccredited for-profit institutions.

New Student Loan Program Starts Today

Georgia’s college students can apply for new low-interest loans starting today. The new 20 million dollar state program is designed to help fill the gap between the amount of public education aid available and the actual cost of attending school.