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GPB News - Education

Med Students Feel Shutdown's Effects

On the evening of Sept. 30, Palmer Feibelman received an email he didn’t expect. It informed him that he might not be receiving his monthly stipend of $2,122 from the U.S. Navy due to the government shutdown.

Dalai Lama Encourages Compassion, Education

The Dalai Lama spoke to a crowd of thousands Tuesday at the Gwinnett Arena as part of a visit to Emory University. His Holiness is a Presidential Distinguished Professor at Emory and the Buddhist leader of Tibet, who lives in exile in India.

State Rejects College Ban Lawsuit

The state is calling for the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by undocumented students who are barred from Georgia’s top public colleges.

Head Start Reopens With $10M Pledge

National Head Start Association officials say a donation of up to $10 million from two philanthropists will help keep Head Start programs running during the federal government shutdown.

School Officials Warn Of 'Knockout' Game

School district officials in western Georgia are asking parents to ensure their children aren't playing a game called the "Knockout Challenge." Muscogee County spokeswoman Valerie Fuller sent an automated phone message to parents and an email last week warning them of the game.

Mistake Delays School Internet Boost

State education officials have pulled the plug on a project described as the largest Internet expansion in Georgia school history. Someone forgot to add $3.6 million to an upcoming bond issue -- and no one noticed.

Emory-Tibet Link Shares Science, Compassion

The Dalai Lama visits the Atlanta area this week for a series of public discussions on responsible citizenship in our globalized society and the role of secular ethics in education.

Educating Georgia’s Future Workforce

The Georgia Partnership For Excellence In Education is releasing its fourth annual report “The Economics of Education.”

Details Emerge On School Rifle Plan

Under a plan being discussed by a northeast Georgia school district, Colt 6920 M4 carbine rifles would be stored in safes inside schools to defend students in a school shooting.

Common Core Review Underway

The state school board released a draft plan [today/Thursday] for reviewing the Common Core curriculum. The review follows persistent complaints that the curriculum dictates what and how to teach Georgia's 1.6 million school children.