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Macon Environment Not As Polluted As Chemistry Professor Predicted

The environment around Macon isn't as polluted as you might think for a post-industrial city. That's according to Jennifer Look, a chemistry professor at Mercer University who has been testing the environment with her students.

Savannah-Chatham School Board Runoff: Jolene Byrne

Among the decisions facing Chatham County voters in next week’s runoff election is who should be the next school board president. Previously we heard from one of the candidates, Chester Ellis.

Savannah-Chatham School Board Runoff: Chester Ellis

Next week Chatham County voters will choose a new school board president. Jolene Byrne and Chester Ellis are facing off in Tuesday’s runoff election.

Georgia Milestones: Educators To Review New Test Plan Soon

Some teachers from across Georgia could get a sneak peek at the new Georgia Milestones Assessments Test as soon as this month. Georgia Milestones will replace the CRCTs and End-of-Course Assessments for students.

Learning The Music Biz At The Otis Redding Camp

It can be a long road for a young musician from writing a song in their bedroom to a career as a songwriter.

End Of Year Exams Show Georgia High School Students Still Struggle With Math

Georgia’s high school students saw improvement in statewide end of course tests, but they are still struggling with math.

Baby’s First Words, More Than Just Babble

Babies learn to talk following an intricate biological progression. It may sound like babble, but those noises babies make represent distinct milestones along the road to talking. And the absence of sounds can be cause for concern.

Georgia’s Gun Law Goes Into Effect Soon And School Districts Aren’t Jumping At The Changes

At midnight Monday Georgia's new gun law is set to take effect.

Georgia Eighth Graders Improve Scores On CRCT

The percentage of Georgia’s eighth graders exceeding standards in the CRCT tests increased this year, according to results released Thursday. Results for third through seventh graders were mixed.

Web Project Highlights Savannah's History of Slavery

A new project on the City of Savannah's website is shedding light on a little-known corner of slavery's history here: the work slaves did for the city itself.