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GPB News - Education

School System Rejects Federal Money

One Middle Georgia school system is saying no to federal Race to the Top dollars. Jones County officials say the money, which targets failing schools, comes with too many strings attached.

Brunswick Plans Night School For Dropouts

School officials in coastal Glynn County plan to open a nighttime high school for dropouts. The school will give dropouts a chance to earn diplomas. Evening classes will be available only to high school dropouts under the age of 21.

Extension Offices Seeing Changes

A nearly 100-year-old program that benefits farmers and students is changing the way it does business. Budget cuts are forcing changes in Georgia’s county extension offices.

Atlanta Schools Could Lose Accreditation

A national agency is threatening to strip Atlanta Public Schools of its accreditation because of its bickering school board.

Regents Working To Raise Grad Rates

Out of the more than 300,000 students enrolled in state schools only about 60 percent graduate within 6 years. That’s a trend officials with the Board of Regents want to change. The board asked university presidents to submit plans outlining areas that need improvement.

US Warns Schools They May Be Liable When Bullying is Ignored

The U.S. Department of Education is warning American schools: Tolerating or failing to adequately address ethnic, sexual or gender-based harassment could put them in violation of federal anti-discrimination laws.

Bus Trip Features Seven Ga. Public Schools

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education has started its annual bus trip across the state to showcase seven high-performing public schools. The trip started today at 8:30 a.m. at South Hall Middle School in Gainesville.

High School Grad Rate Tops 80 Percent

Georgia’s graduation rate has topped 80 percent, which represents a new all-time high for the state. State officials say the 80.8 percent mark is a 17-point rise over seven years.

School Bus Seat Belts Too Costly

A 3 year study of seat belts on school buses found that it’s not the most cost effective way to prevent fatalities. The report released in Alabama Monday will be studied by Georgia lawmakers.

Costs Rise At UGA Lab

Officials say the lab in UGA’s Animal Health Research Center is one of the most expensive the college has ever built. It cost 60 million dollars due to construction problems a decade ago.