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Georgia Tech Institute of Technology

Enrollment At Georgia Universities Goes Up

Enrollment this fall at Georgia's state universities has increased for the first time in two years.
School bus

Parents And Authorities To Meet To Discuss Improving Chatham County Middle Schools

Parents and elected officials will meet during a town hall meeting Monday at Savannah’s STEM Academy with the goal of improving Chatham County middle schools.

After The Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal, More Scrutiny Of Standardized Tests

As testimony continues in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial, what are school districts doing to prevent test cheating?

Harvard Law Professors Say New Sexual Assault Policy Is One-Sided

Just a few months after Harvard University announced a new, tougher policy against campus sexual assault, a group of Harvard law professors is blasting the rules as unfair.
Doctor stethoscope and computer.

Georgia Searches for Ways to Reduce Healthcare Provider Shortage

The Georgia House Study Committee on Medical Education is searching for ways to address a shortage of healthcare professionals. Georgia is expected to rank 50th in primary physician care per capita by the year 2020.
Diamonds. Photo: Ayswaryak

SCAD Professor: Diamonds Hold Value, Meaning Beyond Their Price

Diamonds often hold a special place in our lives. They can signal love or an engagement, or come as a family heirloom. SCAD anthropology professor Susan Falls, PhD, explores our relationship to the sparkling gems in her book Clarity, Cut, and Culture: The Many Meanings of Diamonds.
Smoking Ban

Georgia Campuses Go Smoke Free October 1

All 33 campuses under the University System of Georgia will be smoke free starting October 1, 2014. The smoking ban includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes and even e-cigarettes.

Lessons Learned From The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal

The trial of a dozen former educators and administrators accused of cheating in the Atlanta Public Schools is now underway. During opening statements this morning, a prosecutor said those educators conspired to fix students' test scores.

These People Can Make Student Loans Disappear

It was an ordinary Friday. Courtney Brown, 24, of Kalamazoo, Mich., was busy looking for a job. "I've applied all kinds of places," she says. "Wal-Mart, Target, Verizon Wireless."

City Of Rome To Honor Wife Of Woodrow Wilson

The City of Rome is honoring Ellen Axson Wilson. She became the first First Lady from Georgia when her husband, Woodrow, became President in 1913.