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Charter Schools in Legal Limbo

The Museum School in metro-Atlanta isn’t your typical public school. Here, kids wear uniforms and their curriculum is tailor-made. It’s a small charter school. Only 136 kids from kindergarten to third grade attend, and a lot of their learning happens outside the classroom.

Dropout Factories Decline In Georgia

A new report says Georgia’s high school graduation rates are headed up and many of the improvements are in some of the worst performing schools.

'C' Grade For Charter School Law

In a recent study the Center for Education Reform placed Georgia among 28 other states whose charter school laws they say need improvement.

Emory University To Host 600 Panels Of AIDS Quilt

Emory University will host this week the largest collegiate display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt in the world. The event is Wednesday - which is World AIDS Day - and involves a 600-panel display of the quilt honoring people who have died from AIDS.

Help For Targeted Teachers

Investigations continue into possible wrongdoing on CRCT tests by some Atlanta and Dougherty County teachers. The state’s largest teachers group wants to make sure there's help for any of its member-educators affected by the probe.

Atlanta Schools Again Under Harsh Spotlight

A judge on Tuesday in Atlanta will hear arguments by members of the Atlanta School Board about who is in charge. The board split into two factions and if they can’t find common ground, the state may step in.

Marker Explains Failed Slave Revolt

The Georgia Historical Society Monday installed a new Civil War marker in the southwest Georgia town of Quitman. The plaque commemorates a failed slave revolt in the town near the Florida border.

Atlanta Schools Superintendent Leaving in June

The superintendent of Atlanta's public schools will leave office when her contract expires in June.

Mercer University Brings Back Football

After more than 70 years Mercer University is bringing back a popular sport. The school has approved plans for a football team. Mercer University President Bill Underwood says the decision comes after years of planning. Play will begin in 2013.

Brunswick To Get Boost From 4-Year College

The impact of the College of Coastal Georgia's transformation from a two-year to a four-year school will reach well beyond the college's campus, driving right through the heart of the city.