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GPB News - Education

Georgia Schools Offer Lesson In Living With Cutbacks

In Franklin County, the faltering economy has meant longer school days, a shorter calendar, fewer teachers.

Watch Again: Helping Teachers Improve Via Video

The Gates Foundation is spending millions of dollars to answer a very difficult question: What makes a great teacher great?

Education Year In Review: Did We Learn Anything in 2010?

NPR education reporters Larry Abramson and Claudio Sanchez discuss the past year in education — and what's to come in 2011.

Electronic GED Testing For Georgians

For the past 68 years the General Education Development exam, or GED, has only been given in written form. But soon Georgians will be able to take the test using a computer. Starting next year a new electronic version will be offered at testing centers across the state.

State Boosts Virtual Charter School Funding

The Georgia Charter School Commission recently approved the first K through 12 virtual charter school in the state. It also raised the amount of money cyber charter schools get per child… from $3,200 to $5,800.

'Freedom Riders': Documentary Retraces Bus Rides To End Segregation

Filmmaker Stanley Nelson says his new documentary about the courageous activists who defiantly opposed the 1960s segregation of the South may help inspire a new generation of youth.

Ga. District Proposes Self-Directed Programs for High Schools

Traditional high schools are working to meet the needs of a new breed of students—those graduating from the county's schools of choice that focus on self-direction.

HOPE Book Allowance Cut In Half

Georgia college students will get less money from the HOPE Scholarship next year.

Cyber School Funding Boosted

More cyber schools are likely on the way for Georgia . The state’s Charter Schools Commission Thursday agreed to boost cyber school funding—from an amount of $3,400, to $5,800 per student.

Community Opposes MCG Road Closure

At a public meeting this week people living around MCG complained that closing the portion of Laney Walker Boulevard to traffic would make travel to and from their neighborhoods more difficult.