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GPB News - Education

Georgia Students Excel On AP Tests

Georgia once again has some of the best Advanced Placement test scores in the country. High school students taking college level courses did better this year than last.

Georgia Finds Fewer Erased Answers On School Tests

A state agency has found far fewer wrong answers erased and replaced on the CRCT from a year ago in a review of 2010 test results.

Medical School Hiring Could Surge

Georgia Health Sciences University president Ricardo Azziz has more big plans for the school that just last week changed its name from The Medical College of Georgia. The president of Georgia’s only public medical school wants to hire 500 new faculty members by 2018.

Emory U Gets Donation Of $1M In Rare Books

Emory University in Atlanta has received a donation of more than $1 million worth of rare books. The 22-title collection includes one of the first books ever printed in English, "Polychronicon," a 15th century volume of universal history.

Race To The Top Update

More than two dozen school districts across the state are getting closer to putting to use the first infusion of Race to the Top money.

Database Improves Data On Students

Most of Georgia’s 180 school districts have agreed to join a statewide computer database that stores student information. Federal guidelines require school systems to regularly submit reports on student performance to the state.

Slim Budget Reignites School Choice Debate

A state tax credit that helps pay for some Georgia students to attend private schools is running out of money. The fund is re-igniting a heated debate.

Ga. School Districts Revamp Bullying Policies

School districts in Georgia are revamping policies to combat bullying based on new state guidelines, hoping to stem behavior that educators across the country say has become rampant in schools.

More Fears Over Pre-K Cuts

Governor Nathan Deal’s budget proposal includes cutting $20 million to pre-k. The program is funded entirely by the Georgia Lottery. But education costs have started to outpace the lottery money. Georgia already has 10,000 children waiting for a spot in one of its pre-k programs.

iPads Instead Of Books? It Could Happen Here

State lawmakers are looking into the possibility of replacing books in Georgia middle schools with iPads. The idea follows iPad roll-outs at schools in Virginia, Texas and Savannah. A private school here, St. Andrews, gave about 300 of its students iPads to take home in August.