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GPB News - Education

Some Reject High School Math Curriculum

State education officials could decide next month whether to allow districts to scrap Georgia’s high school math curriculum. The move comes after complaints from parents and lawmakers.

Proposed HOPE Cuts Worry Students

Under Governor Nathan Deal's proposal announced this week, full Hope Scholarships would go to students who earned both a 3.7 high school GPA and a 1200 SAT score. Those students would have to maintain a 3.5 average to continue receiving full state support.

Macon Students Embrace Technology

State education officials were in Macon today to see how nearly 2-million dollars in technology is helping students learn at one local high school. Every child in the 9th and 10th grade has their own netbook computer.

PE Teacher Takes on Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a persistent problem in Georgia. It has the second highest rate of the disease in the nation. Nearly one in three children here is considered to be overweight. One elementary in Atlanta is making strides to head off the obesity trend before it sets in.

Changes In The School Lunchroom Could Help Georgia's Fight Against Childhood Obesity

When the National School Lunch Act was passed in 1946 the federal government was worried kids weren’t getting enough to eat. Now the government worries kids aren’t getting enough of the right foods. New guidelines will change what’s served in school lunchrooms across Georgia.

Exercise Could Make Obese Children Smarter

Inside a gym 20 kids play a modified version of musical chairs. They run around a circle of colored Frisbees while a radio blasts Shakira. When the music stops so do the children… panting and out of breath. Ty'leke Allen loves this game.

Hope Scholarship Cuts Revealed Tomorrow

Tomorrow, lawmakers are expected to reveal details about their plan to cut HOPE scholarship funding. State Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers says one thing that's for sure is that the HOPE grant will no longer be able to provide full school tuition.

State Approves Expanded Online Education

Georgia high school students who want to attend classes online now have more options. On Thursday the Georgia Charter Schools Commission voted to expand the Georgia Cyber Academy.

Chancellor: Tuition Hike Likely For Ga. Colleges

College students in Georgia likely will see a tuition increase again this year.

Ga. Students Building Oil Cleanup Machine

Members of Kell High School's robotics team are using a $10,000 grant to build a machine that could aid in the cleanup of oil spills.