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GPB News - Education

Charter Schools' Fate Still Undecided

More than five hundred prospective teachers for charter schools showed up at a job fair Saturday. Many of the openings, however, could hinge on a ruling from the Georgia Supreme Court.

HOPE Cuts Set for Senate Floor Vote

The Senate Higher Education Committee Friday approved an overhaul of the HOPE scholarship that will make cuts to the awards many Georgia college students receive. The panel voted 5-2 along party lines, with Republicans supporting the measure, a top priority for Gov. Nathan Deal.

DeKalb Schools Keep Accreditation

The DeKalb County school district is keeping its accreditation with a national standards agency but has a year to fix problems or risk losing that standing.

Commemorating '40 Acres And A Mule'

The Georgia Historical Society, the state Department of Economic Development and the Georgia Battlefield Association are sponsoring a plaque telling the story of “Special Field Orders 15.”

Students Protest HOPE Cuts

More than a hundred students marched from Georgia State University to the state capitol steps in downtown Atlanta to protest changes to the HOPE scholarship program. The bill the house passed Tuesday would cut most recipients’ funding by 10 percent.

Senate Passes School Extracurricular Act

Today, the Senate passed a bill that would allow students to participate in extracurricular activities at other local public schools. Their school can't already offer the activity. The bill is named after Rachel Sackett, a sophomore at a charter school.

House To Vote On HOPE Fix

House members are now on the floor debating the governor’s plan to keep the HOPE scholarship program from going broke. Some changes were made to the plan this morning.

Audit Questions Private College Grants

In a recent report state auditors question whether taxpayers are getting their money’s worth from a grant to private college students.

Rynders: Limiting Tuition Hikes Important for HOPE

The sponsor of a proposed constitutional amendment to tie state university tuition to inflation hopes it will give students more confidence about the cost of their classes, especially in light of potential cuts to the HOPE Scholarship.

Georgia History Curriculum Among Best In Nation

The study from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, released this month, ranked history programs based on content, clarity and academic rigor.