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GPB News - Education

Duncan Urges Black Men To Go Into Teaching

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and filmmaker Spike Lee are calling for more black men to become teachers. In an event Monday at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Duncan said just 2 percent of the nation's 3 million teacher workforce are black males.

Lottery Pressured To Save HOPE

The HOPE scholarship program is in danger of going broke. Lawmakers are looking for fixes including ways to get more money to come into the lottery-funded aid that helps students go to college.

Grad Rates Likely To Drop

The state’s new schools superintendent says a new formula for calculating graduation rates likely will mean Georgia’s will drop significantly. That's what John Barge told a joint education committee of state lawmakers this week.

Students Rank Low in Science

According to scores on a new proficiency test, Georgia fourth and eighth graders fall below the national average in science. Only 27 percent of students performed at or above acceptable levels. That compares to 32 percent nationally.

Lawmakers Consider Fixes to HOPE

Lawmakers have started the discussion on how to change the HOPE scholarship program so it won’t go broke next year. The merit based aid isn’t keeping pace with rising tuition costs and increased enrollment.

Students Offer HOPE Ideas

The HOPE Scholarship reserve is expected to dry up next year, even without the cuts to lottery funded programs proposed by Governor Nathan Deal. That’s because lottery revenues can’t keep up with rising enrollment and tuition at Georgia’s 35 public colleges and universities.

Hundreds Rally For School Choice

Parents and students of private, charter and virtual schools came together on the steps of the capitol to advocate for more choice in education. On their agenda this year… legislation that would expand a voucher.

Atlanta Schools Accept Sanction

The head of an accrediting agency had harsh words for the Atlanta school board, telling members to stop being selfish and do what's best for the 47,000 students in the urban district.

College Faces Race Discrimination Suit

A federal lawsuit filed last week by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accuses Georgia Military College of racial discrimination.

New Panel To Look At School Funding

A key state legislator said Georgia lawmakers are considering creating a new panel to review school funding. House Education Committee Chairman Brooks Coleman told Morris News Service he hopes the new panel could draft recommendations next year.