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GPB News - Education

Ebola Stops Mercer University Outreach

Educational mission work sponsored by Mercer University has been suspended in the wake of the West African Ebola crisis.

Macon And Eggs: Education in Macon

Green Zone Program Helps Vets On Campus

As America’s military prepares to downsize, many are trading in barracks for college dorms. Some are coming home with trauma from life in war zones. And even veterans without complications like post-traumatic stress disorder can feel out of place on campus.
More than 400 enslaved people were sold in the largest slave auction in U.S. history, known as "The Weeping Time."

The Hidden History Of "The Weeping Time"

Just before the Civil War, hundreds of enslaved people were brought to Savannah from the Butler Plantations in South Georgia to be sold.

New Campaign Hopes To Improve Reading Proficiency In Georgia Children

According to new campaign called Getting Georgia Reading nearly two-thirds of Georgia’s children are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade. A study by the Annie E.

Hull Park's "Miss Joan" Quarterman Brings Kids Fun, Love

Kids are heading back to school Thursday, and for many that will mean the end of long weekdays spent playing in city parks. GPB’s Emily Jones visited Hull Park in Savannah’s Chatham Crescent neighborhood to find out what keeps kids coming back summer after summer.

Back To School: Atlanta Superintendent “Off To A Good Start”

The first day of school is a milestone for every student, but this year, it was also a milestone for the new head of the Atlanta Public Schools.

For Refugees, A Clarkston Summer Camp Helps Smooth The Transition

Of the thousands of unaccompanied minors from Central America who have been streaming illegally into the United States recently, about 1,100 have been settled temporarily in Georgia, according to state and federal officials.

Savannah's Children's Choir Celebrates End Of Camp with Eclectic Musical Performance

Friday night, the Savannah Children’s Choir gave an end of year camp concert at the Lucas Theatre. The camp organizers say the goal is to inspire confidence in children from diverse backgrounds while exposing them to a range of musical styles.

Macon Environment Not As Polluted As Chemistry Professor Predicted

The environment around Macon isn't as polluted as you might think for a post-industrial city. That's according to Jennifer Look, a chemistry professor at Mercer University who has been testing the environment with her students.