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GPB News - Education

State To End Graduation Test

The state Board of Education on Wednesday approved phasing out the state graduation test. The change means students entering high school this fall won’t have to take the test to graduate.

Teachers Seek Higher Ga. Pay

Georgia's public schools are attracting hundreds of teachers who commute from nearby Tennessee. Records show, about 16 percent of teachers in the 11 Georgia counties nearest Chattanooga -- live in the neighboring state.

Ga. Tech Rethinks Savannah Campus

Officials from the Georgia Institute of Technology plan to visit the school's Savannah campus this week. Their goal is to reassure students and faculty that the science and technology institute is still committed to Georgia's coast.

Many Georgians 'Excited' By Civil War

150 years ago Tuesday, Georgians woke up to news that southern troops had fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. The American Civil War was underway.

Deal Benefits Future Engineers

The deal between Marietta-based Southern Poly and the Technical College System of Georgia streamlines the credit transfer process for engineering technology students.

GED Test Goes Electronic

Georgia is in a first group of states to begin offering the high school equivalency test -- known as the GED -- on computer. The rollout begins this summer.

Study: Third Grade Is Key To Later Life

A new national study shows, students who don't learn to read well by third grade are more likely to drop out of high school.

Audit: Double Dipping Doesn’t Cost More

A state audit finds that teachers who retire and then return to work don’t cost the state extra money.

Dem. Leaders Push HOPE Revision

A group of state Democrats says it has a plan to fully fund HOPE scholarship students returning this fall. But that proposal is getting a frosty reception from the Governor’s office.

Virtual Schools Registering Students

Registration for Georgia’s four virtual schools is now open. More young people are expected to start taking classes at home. This year 8,000 kids will have completed the school year online. Thousands more are expected to enroll this year in virtual schools.