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APS Defendants Get Less Jail Time As Judge Says 'Adios'

A judge has sharply reduced the sentences for three former Atlanta Public Schools educators who received the harshest prison terms in the city's standardized test cheating trial.

What Can #NOLASCHOOLS Teach Us?

What if you had to start your school system over almost from scratch? What if most of the buildings were unusable, and most of the teachers had left or been fired? Is that a nightmare, or your dream come true?

Convicted Atlanta Teachers Say They'll Prove Innocence

Eight former Atlanta Public School educators convicted of changing answers on state tests say they will prove their innocence. The eight were sentenced to prison time this week after refusing to accept plea deals admitting guilt.

If Walls Could Talk: What Lead Is Doing To Our Students

Every child's ability to succeed in school is influenced by lots of external factors: teacher quality, parenting, poverty, geography, to name a few. But far less attention has been paid to the power of a child's bedroom walls.
APS Defendant Pamela Cleveland

Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Case: What's Next?

Eight educators convicted in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating case are expected to appeal their convictions while two others accepted deals. The defendants have been released from jail on appeals bonds.
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Georgia Officials Approve Tuition Increases At State Schools

Tuition is going up for Georgia students the state's 30 colleges and universities. The Georgia University System's board approved the rates at a meeting Tuesday. In-state students at Georgia Tech will see the biggest increase, up $405 per semester. That's a 9 percent increase.
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Two Ex-Educators Accept Deals, Others Sentenced To Jail Time In APS Cheating Case

Two of the 10 former Atlanta public school educators convicted in a widespread test-cheating conspiracy have accepted deals at a sentencing hearing.
Sharon Davis APS Trial

Judge Urges Defendants To Accept Plea Deals In APS Cheating Case

Sentencing for the convicted educators in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating case resumes Tuesday at 10 a.m. Check here for livestream coverage of the proceedings.

Judge To Sentence Former Educators For Role In Test Cheating

Judge To Sentence Former Educators For Role In Test Cheating ATLANTA (AP) — A judge is set to hand down sentences for most of the former Atlanta educators who were convicted in a widespread conspiracy to cheat on state tests.

Mexican-American Toddlers: Understanding The Achievement Gap

Mexican-American toddlers born in the U.S. do not develop nearly as fast as white toddlers when it comes to language and pre-literacy skills. That's the main finding of a new study by the Institute of Human Development at the University of California, Berkeley.