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Undocumented Students Will Continue To Pay Out-Of-State Tuition

In 2014, a group of undocumented students sued Georgia’s Board of Regents to establish their legal presence under an Obama administration policy that grants them renewable work permits. Such a ruling would have qualified the students for in-state tuition.

Department Of Education Employee Fired After Discovery Of Racist Posts On Facebook

A Georgia Department of Education employee is out of a job after racist and insensitive posts were discovered on his social media. Jeremy Spencer, an associate superintendent, was quickly fired Tuesday following a public outcry from State Senator Vincent Fort.

Praying For School Plan A

Cortney Booze and her grandmother were waiting together to find out if Cortney’s son had made it.

State School Superintendent Richard Woods Isn't Sold On Merit-Based Teacher Pay

State School Superintendent Richard Woods says it's not clear whether a merit-based teacher pay system would be financially sustainable. He also says he wouldn't support such a system without listening to Georgia's teachers.

How College Athletes Cope When The Games Finish

(Editor’s note – The author is a student athlete herself and one of the sources for this story is her father).

Teaching Tough Topics: Teaching Beyond The Test

In a class at the end of the day at New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School, a fierce debate unfolded in Sarah Cannon’s Civics class. The question on the floor — should felons lose the right to vote?

Teaching Tough Topics: Teaching Civil War History In Mississippi As Symbols Fall

Historian John Neff, director of the University of Mississippi’s Center for Civil War Research, explains some of the history found right in the middle of the campus.

Teaching Tough Topics: Textbook Fight Riles Tennessee

What should school children be taught about Islam? In Southern states such as Florida and North Carolina, parents claim students are being “indoctrinated” with a sanitized version of the Muslim faith.

Teaching Tough Topics: The Real History Of The South

“It’s feeling and knowing that people have the convenience of ignoring the complexity of your identities. And oddly enough, the moment in which you don’t feel quite invisible is when the group of fraternity guys drives by in their truck on a Saturday night yelling ‘Roll Tide n**er!’”

Education Reform Commission Report Receives Scrutiny

A new report from Gov. Deal’s Education Reform Commission calls for a number of changes to how Georgia runs its school, but some of the report’s recommendations have received some scrutiny.