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A Helping Hand To High Achievers

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will invest $10 million over two years to help top students from poor families into college.

Buddy Carter

Election Spotlight: Georgia's 1st Congressional District

Republican Buddy Carter and Democrat Brian Reese are vying to replace Jack Kingston for the right to represent coastal Georgia in Congress.

The Misadventures Of My Anti-Ebola Suitcase

It was packed with all the things needed to keep safe on a reporting trip to Sierra Leone. Then it took a few wrong turns and ended up in ... Paris! Will correspondent and luggage ever be reunited?

No Hand-Washing, Spotty Temperature-Taking At Liberia's Airport

The Ebola screening of airline passengers departing from Monrovia was not operating like a well-oiled machine Monday.

Kurdish Fighters Begin Using Turkish Crossing To Reach Kobani

Syrian rebels and Iraqi peshmerga fighters have been allowed to use Turkish territory to enter the fight against militants of the self-declared Islamic State.