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What The Change In U.S.-Cuba Relations Might Mean For Food

The decision to normalize relations is driving all kinds of speculation about American food companies opening up shop in Cuba. But analysts say: Don't expect to see McDonald's there anytime soon.

Administration Won't Rule Out Raul Castro Visit To White House

The remarks come a day after President Obama announced the U.S. and Cuba would begin talks to normalize relations and open embassies following more than five decades of hostility.


South Carolina Weighs Gun Ban For Domestic Abusers

GPB speaks with a domestic violence advocate about South Carolina’s high rate of domestic violence homicide.

What's Next For Cuba? The Headlines That Tell The Story

The State Department says a delegation of diplomats will visit the island next month. The formal restoration of diplomatic ties is expected to be as easy as the two countries writing each other notes.

Capricorn Records Co-Founder Frank Fenter Honored By Georgia Music Hall Of Fame

Frank Fenter was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in October. Fenter's son shares his memories of his late father and the sounds of Southern Rock.

Christmas Music, A Buzzard Drop & African Dance All Happening In Middle Georgia This Holiday Season

Two Middle Georgia Notables Share Ideas Of Things To Do This Holiday Season.

Two Of Colorado's Neighbors Sue State Over Marijuana Law

Nebraska and Oklahoma have filed a lawsuit against Colorado with the U.S. Supreme Court, saying that its law legalizing marijuana isn't constitutional.

Once Written Off, Kepler Telescope Finds New Planet

The Kepler space telescope, which cost some $600 million, was feared to be at the end of its useful life in 2013. But NASA says it just found another exoplanet.

In Latin America, Not Everyone Is Thrilled With The U.S.-Cuba Thaw

Cuba and Venezuela are close allies that often seemed to speak with a single voice when it came to bashing the U.S. But now they may be out of sync.