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Global Parenting Habits That Haven't Caught On In The U.S.

In Japan, kids under 10 take the subway alone. In Latin countries, they stay up until all hours. In Vietnam, mothers train kids to pee on command and take away the diapers before they turn 1.

In Missouri City, Calls For Justice, And Calm, After Teen's Death

Citing safety concerns, police in the St. Louis suburb where police shot and killed an unarmed black teenager Saturday say they won't release the name of the officer who fired the shots.

Ebola Shuts Down The Oldest Hospital In Liberia

Ebola has claimed another victim. Reeling from the loss of staff and unable to cope with the deadly virus, St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital has closed its gates.

A Life Of Anxiety Documented

John Keedy used to be uncomfortable talking about his problems with anxiety, but not anymore. He hopes his series of photos will help others with mental illness see that they're not alone.

New Orleans Charters Prepare For A Big First Day Of School

The start to the school year in New Orleans offers a landmark moment in U.S. education. For the first time, a major urban school district will operate entirely with charter schools.

U.S. Response In Iraq: From Emergency Solution To Slate Of Paths Forward

The U.S. has begun sending humanitarian aid and conducting limited airstrikes in the attempt to protect Iraq's refugee populations. Going forward, the U.S. is facing several possible approaches there.

The World Health Organization Says Yes To An Experimental Ebola Drug

Faced with an Ebola outbreak that keeps spreading, WHO has endorsed the idea of using unproven vaccines or treatments.

Robin Williams Hanged Himself In Apparent Suicide, Police Say

The actor was found in his bedroom by his personal assistant in California, law enforcement said Tuesday. Police say Williams had been seeking treatment for depression.

Russia Sends Large Aid Convoy Toward A Wary Ukraine

Russia says the trucks are bringing 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid to an area that's been torn by fighting. But Ukrainian leaders worry that the convoy might conceal a military operation.

Pray Over Hot Salt Water, Then Bathe In It: An Anti-Ebola Ritual

This past weekend, the word spread in the middle of the night in Sierra Leone: the way to prevent Ebola is to pray over hot salted water, then bathe in it.