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Medicare Patients Often See Nurses Instead Of Doctors For Skin Problems

Among the more than 4 million procedures for which office-based nurse practitioners and physician assistants independently billed Medicare in 2012, more than half were for dermatological surgeries.

Pope Says It's OK To 'Stop' Aggressors In Iraq To Protect Minorities

Pope Francis added "the means that can be used to stop them must be evaluated." The comments come as the U.S. conducts airstrikes against militants of the Islamic State who are targeting minorities.

WikiLeaks' Assange Says He'll Leave Embassy In London

Citing health concerns, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he'll leave Ecuador's embassy, where he has lived for more than two years. He faces potential criminal charges in Sweden and the U.S.

Paris Heist: Gunmen Take $335,000 From Saudi Motorcade

The thieves left with a stolen Mercedes that was later found burned along with one of two BMWs the robbers used to stop the convoy. Police say the team seems to be fairly experienced.

Casinos Worry As More Navajo Communities Go Smoke-Free

Dozens of Navajo communities have passed resolutions banning smoking in government buildings and workplaces this year. But some casino operators worry the measures will drive customers away.

Forensic Experts Discuss 6 Bullets That Hit Michael Brown

Only one of the teenager's wounds was not survivable, pathologist Dr. Michael Baden says. The preliminary findings of his autopsy show the teenager was shot at least six times in Ferguson, Mo.

Hamas Conflict Could Have Lingering Impact On Israel's Economy

With a shaky cease-fire holding, Israel is starting to take stock of how much the monthlong war with Hamas will cost.

Elephant Slaughter, African Slavery And America's Pianos

Two New England towns dominated the world's ivory market from 1840 to 1940 transforming imported tusks from African elephants into piano keys and combs. Today's residents grapple with a dark past.

Bigger, Faster Air Tankers Help Forest Service Tackle Wildfires

The agency's fleet of planes shrank dramatically in the early 2000s, falling from 40 air tankers to nine. Now, the addition of new airplanes is both expanding and modernizing the firefighting fleet.

Caring For The American Ebola Patients: Inside Emory's Isolation Unit

The "patient biocontainment unit" at Emory University Hospital is one of four facilities in the U.S. specially equipped to handle the most serious infectious diseases.