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For Most Kids, Nice Finishes Last

A Harvard researcher says teens feel their parents prioritize success and feeling good over kindness and so they do, too.

Accounting Giant To Pay $4 Million After Improper Lobbying

The SEC announced Monday that auditing giant Ernst & Young will pay $4 million to settle charges a subsidiary lobbied Congress inappropriately. The firm neither admitted nor denied the charges.

Why A Spoonful Of Medicine Can Be A Big Safety Risk For Kids

Parents are used to seeing medication doses in tablespoons or teaspoons, but a study shows that using these units increases the risk that they will give their children the wrong dose of medicine.

The 3 Scariest Words A Boy Can Hear

"Be a man" it's a mandate most boys hear at least once in their lives. Former NFL player Joe Ehrmann says it can leave boys ill-equipped to face life's real challenges.

This Is Your Stressed-Out Brain On Scarcity

When we don't have enough of something love, time or money we spend extraordinary effort worrying about how to get by, research shows. The stress of poverty changes the way people think.

Over 2 Years Since Its Wreck, The Costa Concordia Floats Again

The Costa Concordia cruise crashed into a reef and capsized over two years ago. On Monday, the most complicated part of the operation to refloat the ship was completed successfully.

Deputy Fired For Insubordination Wants His Job Back

A Macon-Bibb Sheriff’s Deputy who was fired for disobeying direct orders from the Sheriff is asking to get his job back. Clayton Sutton was placed on desk duty and told not to act as a law enforcement officer in public earlier in the year. That order followed a patrol call where Sutton’s use of a his firearm was called into question and where a dog was killed while Sutton pursued a suspect. That call was what landed Sutton on desk duty. Later when he attempted to stop suspected metal thieves on the south side of Bibb County, Sheriff David Davis released him from the force.

Tipping The Cap To Derek Jeter, An All-Star's All-Star

A stirring tribute ad shows celebrities, fans and rivals giving a nod to the New York Yankees shortstop, who is retiring at the end of this season.

Trump Plaza Latest Atlantic City Casino To Fold

The casino sent out a warning on Monday to more than 1,000 employees that their jobs will likely end in September. It could be one of four Atlantic City casinos to shut down.

Facing A Toxic Dump In South Africa, He Cleaned Up

Desmond D'Sa fought a landfill that took over a beautiful valley and sickened residents with its awful smell. He lost his job but won the battle and the Goldman Environmental Prize.