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Why We've Been Seeing More 'Yellowface' In Recent Months

You might have heard a lot recently about non-Asian people donning makeup or clothing to appear Asian. But why is it that we're seeing so much of this phenomenon, widely referred to as "yellowface"?

Forget The Bake Sale: Some Of School's Funds Come From Bars And Brothels

Schools across the U.S. are preparing for students' return by looking for ways to supplement budgets. One Nevada school district is turning to unlikely sources of funding: liquor and prostitution.

Georgia State University Researchers Working On Ebola Vaccine

Four years ago, researchers at Georgia State met with U.S. Army officials. The military wanted their help fighting a host of infectious diseases, including Ebola. Biology Professor George Pierce is one of the researchers who met with the Army. He says, at the time, he and his team’s focus was on flu vaccine research. But four months ago, the speed and focus of their research changed. That’s when Ebola broke out again in West Africa. Pierce says this outbreak of Ebola is more widespread and is causing more concern. The geography of the disease, Pierce added, has also shifted.

Many Big Employers Plan To Offer Skimpy Health Options Despite Law

These low-benefit plans are part of a strategy that lets workers and employers avoid health law penalties but may not provide substantial coverage.

Israel Says It Has Been Hit By Rocket From Gaza Strip

A three-day cease-fire that was about to end has been breached, Israel says. This comes as Israeli and Palestinian officials are meeting via intermediaries in Egypt to try to reach a longer-term deal.

Edible Flowers Find A Sweet Companion In Chocolate

Chefs and gardeners have long used edible blossoms as a garnish for salads and entrees. Now, food entrepreneurs are giving them a big role in mixed drinks and chocolate.

Long Island Soaked By Record-Breaking Rainfall

Flood warnings are still in effect for other parts of New England after an early-morning downpour jeopardized commuters in New York. One town has been hit with more than a foot of rain.