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Why Some Politicians Turn Down Free Money

Once in a while, elected officials turn down raises because they think it looks bad if they're also having to cut budgets or raise taxes. Sometimes, though, they're genuinely altruistic.

Will Camu Camu Be The Next Amazonian 'It' Fruit?

Camu camu will soon dethrone aai an Amazonian berry that's made its mark in the crowded health food market. Or so its promoters are claiming. We asked NPR's Brazil bureau to investigate.

Why A Village Leader Ordered The Rape Of A 14-Year-Old In India

Rape is illegal in India. But history and tradition make it hard to enforce the law. And in remote parts, rape of a female relative is still considered fair punishment for a man's crimes.

Shopping Scott Antique Market, 'America’s Favorite Treasure Hunt'

Persian rugs, a civil war era surgical kit, and paintings are just a few of the items visitors can find just a short drive south of Atlanta to Scott Antique Market. With 3,500 exhibition spaces inside two climate-controlled buildings and even more dealers outside, Scott’s is the world’s largest monthly antique show. In June, GPB’s On the Story stopped by to find out why it’s been “America’s Favorite Treasure Hunt” for thirty years. Don Scott, owner of Scott Antique Market, says when customers find a treasure they really like, they shouldn’t hesitate to buy it on the spot.

Carter Calls On Olens To Investigate Deal On Ethics

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter is renewing calls on the state Attorney General to investigate whistleblower complaints that involve Republican Governor Nathan Deal filed by ethics commission workers.

Two 'Midnight Rider' Filmmakers Turn Themselves In To Georgia Authorities

A lawyer for Randall Miller and Jody Savin says they'll plead "not guilty" to criminal charges in the death of Sarah Jones.

No School, No Handshakes: Reporting On Ebola From Sierra Leone

NPR's Jason Beaubien is covering the outbreak that began in March and is still going strong. En route to the burial of a 70-year-old Ebola victim, he talked about the impact on the town of Kailahun.

Underwater Meadows Might Serve As Antacid For Acid Seas

Marine biologists worry that certain species won't survive the shifts in sea acidity that climate change brings. But research on sea grasses along California's coast suggest marine preserves can help.