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Kiev: Russian Armor Destroyed After Crossing Border

Ukraine's president said a "significant" part of a Russian armored column said to have crossed the border overnight was destroyed by Kiev's artillery.

What Your Junk Drawer Reveals About You

The Great American Junk Drawer is a scrap yard, a time capsule and a box of curiosities and memories. It can also be a Rorschachian reflection of your life.

When Snails Lose Their Way

There are happy snails. There are lonely snails. And there are lost snails. This one is lost. Totally. But it sings.

'They're Talking To People': Tensions Ease In Ferguson As Police Change Tactics

Instead of meeting demonstrators with tear gas, police walked with them.

Wide Range Of Hospital Charges For Blood Tests Called 'Irrational'

An analysis of hospital charges in California couldn't explain the wide variation in listed prices for routine lab work. Teaching hospitals and government-run hospitals charged the least.

In Stockton, Calif., Punks Are The New Mall Rats

Abandoned storefronts in strip malls are common here in one of the largest cities to file for bankruptcy. But one abandoned storefront plays host to a thriving punk indie music scene.

Ebola Numbers Vastly Underestimate Reach Of Outbreak, WHO Says

Nearly 2,000 cases have been reported, but staff in West Africa say there are likely many more. The World Health Organization is also coordinating a "massive scaling up" of the international response.