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Centenarian Soprano Licia Albanese Dies

A long career began suddenly as she replaced the lead in Madame Butterfly mid-performance. A Metropolitan Opera stalwart, she sang the lead in La traviata there more than anyone before or since.

Fighting (Tasty) Invasive Fish With Forks And Knives

Invasive fish like snakeheads and Asian carp are threatening to wipe out aquatic ecosystems across the U.S. So chefs and environmental agencies are encouraging their communities to eat them up.

Fake Cures For AIDS Have A Long And Dreadful History

The latest claim was made in Egypt: Electromagnetism can detect the virus and "the Complete Cure Device" can wipe it out. It's not the first false promise and probably not the last.

New York State Couple Charged In Abduction Of Amish Girls

Authorities say that the oldest of the girls, who turned up 24 hours after they were reportedly kidnapped, provided crucial information that led to the couple's arrest.

U.S. Airstrikes In Iraq Pound Area Near Mosul Dam

The airstrikes come as at least 80 men from the religious minority were reportedly executed by militants for refusing to convert to Islam.

Summer Camp In State Prison: A Chance To Bond With Dad

A summer camp program takes boys and girls, ages 8-15, to spend time with their incarcerated dads. The kids camp out nearby and go to the prison during the day to do art projects with their fathers.

Who's A Citizen? The Question Dividing The Island Of Hispaniola

The Dominican Republic issued a ruling last year that would render stateless many residents of Haitian origin. The government has revised its position, but the fate of many Haitians still isn't clear.

Thousands Of Anti-Government Protesters March In Pakistan

The demonstrators allege election fraud by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and are demanding he step down. The political instability has prompted fears of a possible army coup.

Aid Is On The Way For Eastern Ukraine, If Only It Can Pass The Checkpoints

Both Ukraine and Russia say they're trying to send supplies to residents in eastern Ukraine. But with tensions on both sides running high, that aid may take a while to arrive.

Germany Eavesdropped On Kerry, Clinton, Magazine Says

Der Spiegel reports that the current and former U.S. secretary of state were the inadvertent targets of German surveillance.