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Head Scientist At CDC Weighs Costs Of Recent Lab Safety Breaches

The mishaps mean federal scientists need to "take a hard look" at all federal research on deadly pathogens and make sure, in each case, that the benefits justify risks, says Dr. Tom Frieden.

Drug Sentencing Guidelines Reduced For Current Prisoners

More than 46,000 inmates can petition for early release starting next year, unless Congress acts soon.

From Twitter: The News Unfolds Of The AIDS Figures On Flight MH17

A number of AIDS researchers, activists and officials were on Flight MH17, headed to the International AIDS Conference when the plane was shot out of the sky. Here's how Twitter spread the news.

Q&A: Designing Playful Learning Spaces

An exhibit designer at the Boston Children's Museum says kids are 'natural scientists,' and she wants to create experiences that cater to that.

Half Of Texas Abortion Clinics Close After Restrictions Enacted

Many clinics closed because of a new requirement that doctors at those clinics obtain admitting privileges at hospitals near the clinics. Many doctors couldn't comply.

Better Culture Could Have Prevented Viral Comcast Call

A Comcast service call making the rounds this week sounded really familiar to millions of Americans. But some companies have figured out how to make the universally unpleasant experience a lot better.

QUIZ: Which Of These State Fair Foods Are Faux?

Combinations of batter, cheese, bacon and sugar at state fair food concessions seem to get more elaborate and outrageous every year. So we were inspired to put our state fair food sense to the test.