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In Ferguson, Mo., A City Meets The Spotlight

To locals, Ferguson is part of St. Louis, not a separate place. And as residents wonder whether or when their lives will return to normal, the question remains: What will they do after it does?

Michael Brown's Family Plans Memorial; National Guard Is In Ferguson

While early reports Tuesday quoted police saying that 31 people had been arrested last night, NBC News says it has more recent data showing 78 arrests.

To Fight Inflation, Forget The Barbecue And Just Go For A Drive

Food prices are higher at the grocery store this summer, thanks to drought in Texas and California. But at least the drive to the store won't cost as much: Gasoline prices have been falling lately.

Piedmont Park Gears Up For Its Fifth Annual Arts Festival

The fifth annual Piedmont Park Arts Festival kicks off this weekend. Atlanta has been a hub for public art, something that’s been a priority for Patrick Dennis, the executive director of the Atlanta Foundation of Public Spaces. GPB’s Rickey Bevington talks with Dennis about the city’s growing arts scene.

Smyrna Man To Host Rally For Ferguson Teen In Atlanta

Georgians across the state are showing solidarity with protestors and police in Ferguson, Missouri. There are several demonstrations happening, including one Saturday afternoon in Atlanta. Darryl Pittman of Smyrna is hosting that rally across the street from Atlanta's Cumberland Mall.

Reducing Infant Mortality, Premature Births In Southwest Georgia

Infant mortality remains a serious problem in Georgia. According to the Department of Public Health, nearly half of the 1,500 who died in the state last year were under the age of one.

Europe's Latest Grass-Roots Movement: Cannabis Social Clubs

Europeans are developing a third option that lies somewhere between legalization and prohibition of marijuana: limited use in private clubs.