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N.Y. Man's Death Prompts Police Introspection On Use Of Force

Funeral services are being held for Eric Garner, a New York City man who died in police custody. The incident is prompting the NYPD to rethink how it trains all its officers in the use of force.

Finding The Anthropology In Latin Dance Music

The Uruguayan singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler, a former doctor, is known as a literate and introspective musician. But then he wondered how his brainy musings would translate to music for the body.

The End Of Film Projection? Shift To Digital Puts A Squeeze On Arthouse Theaters

It’s show time in the projection booth of the Parkway Discount Theater in Warner Robins. Second run blockbusters, sometimes only weeks past their top grossing prime, snake around the room on 35 mm film. Superheroes and giant robots flicker and bounce on the screens below. Alicia Bowers manages this theater. With 10 years in the business, she’s worked with both digital and film. "When we first got rid of film it was kind of nostalgic to come back to it, but now it’s like ‘This is a lot of work’," Bowers said.

The Epic 2,200-Mile Tour De France Is Also A Test Of Epic Eating

Tour de France cyclists need to eat up to 9,000 calories a day to maintain their health and weight during the race. But many teams hire chefs to elevate the meals to gourmet status.

Palestinian's Death Provokes Israeli Debate On Defining Terrorism

Israel says the recent killing of a Palestinian teenager was an act of terror and his family is eligible for state benefits. This doesn't sit well with one group that assists Jewish victims of terror.

GM Recalls Nearly 718,000 Vehicles For 'Varying Safety Issues'

GM says no deaths and only two crashes have been linked to the recalls. While many of the vehicles have relatively minor issues, thousands of others have potential problems with their steering.

Nevada Judge Denies Former Medient CEO’s Request For Restraining Order, Sets Trial Date

The film company near Savannah has faced lawsuits from several former employees since a shakeup in early June.

Plane Crash In Taiwan Kills Dozens, Leaving Some Survivors

A Taiwanese domestic flight that was attempting to land in bad weather related to a strong typhoon crashed near the runway Wednesday on an island off Taiwan's western coast.

New York Death Reignites Decades-Old Debate Over Neck Restraints

Last week, a man died after a police takedown that appeared to involve a prohibited chokehold. But police trainers say such restraints, when properly administered, are safer than many alternatives.

States Help New Mothers Get Birth Control Through Medicaid

New York and five other states are helping women on Medicaid get contraception immediately after giving birth. New moms can get an IUD or long-acting implant before leaving the hospital.