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The 10-Year-Old Boy Has Died, Probably Of Ebola

The photo showed a little boy. He was found naked on a beach in Liberia and was very sick, most likely with Ebola. The world was deeply touched. And hoped for a miracle. But his story has a sad end.

Michelle Nunn and David Perdue shake hands at the Senate Forum in Macon

Obama, Washington Hot Topics In The David Perdue And Michelle Nunn Senate Forum

U.S. Senate Candidates Michelle Nunn and David Perdue met on the same stage together for the first time in Macon Thursday. And both Nunn and Perdue spent plenty of time tying each other to political leaders in Washington. During the one-hour forum, Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn repeatedly linked David Perdue to Republican inaction in Congress. One opportunity she was used was immigration reform. “David embraces what I believe is the attitude of gridlock in Washington that has not enabled us to get this done,” said Nunn. Perdue responded not by challenging Nunn’s characterization or defending congressional Republicans, but criticizing the President.

U.S. Won't Rule Out Attack In Syria To Hit Islamic State

American aircraft have carried out more strikes against the Islamic State, after the extremist group beheaded U.S. journalist James Foley. The attacks come despite threats to kill other hostages.

California Drought Has Wild Salmon Competing With Almonds For Water

Thousands of Chinook salmon are struggling to survive in the Klamath River, where waters are running dangerously low and warm. Cold reservoir water is instead going to farms in the Central Valley.

Can Quinoa Take Root On The 'Roof Of The World'?

Quinoa, once a homebody crop, crossed the Atlantic for the first time this century. Now the Food and Agriculture Organization has a hunch it can thrive in Central and Southwest Asia.

Discharged Ebola patient Dr. Kent Brantly stands at a press conference with his wife

American Ebola Patients Discharged From Emory Hospital

Two Americans left Emory University Hospital in Atlanta this week after an unprecedented treatment regime for Ebola. They became infected with the deadly disease while working in Liberia for aid organizations during a severe outbreak of the virus. Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol arrived in Atlanta three weeks ago as the first people to seek treatment for Ebola in the U.S.Both left on their own steam this week. And in his first public comments Thursday at a press conference, Brantly said it’s a miracle to be alive. “On Wednesday, July 23, I woke up feeling under the weather,” said Brantly. “ And then my life took an unexpected turn, as I was diagnosed with Ebola virus disease.”

Is There Such A Thing As A 'Good Psychopath'?

A pair of authors believe that certain traits such as ruthlessness and fearlessness can enhance your life.

After Night Of Calm, National Guard To Be Withdrawn From Ferguson

The move by Gov. Jay Nixon to pull out the troops came after a night that involved only a handful of arrests in the St. Louis suburb.