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Hull Park's "Miss Joan" Quarterman Brings Kids Fun, Love

Kids are heading back to school Thursday, and for many that will mean the end of long weekdays spent playing in city parks. GPB’s Emily Jones visited Hull Park in Savannah’s Chatham Crescent neighborhood to find out what keeps kids coming back summer after summer. There, one woman has been the heart of the park for more than four decades.

1.2 Billion Web Credentials Said To Be In Russian Gang's Hands

From its base in south central Russia, the relatively small group has reportedly collected passwords along with user names and email addresses.

In Quest To Harpoon A Comet, A Spacecraft Stalks Its Prey

The European Rosetta mission arrives at its target comet Wednesday morning. In the coming months, its lander unit will harpoon the space rock.

Bibb Sheriff David Davis Talks Police Conduct Amid Several High Profile Firings

Bibb Sheriff David Davis Talks Police Conduct And Recent Firings In His Department.

In A Video, A Frank Back-And-Forth Between 'DREAMers' And Congressman

The conversation was a vivid illustration of the tough questions posed by current immigration debate.

U.S. General Killed In Afghanistan Was On First Combat Deployment

An attacker wearing an Afghan military uniform shot at service members from the NATO-led coalition. Maj. Gen. Harold Greene is the highest-ranking U.S. officer killed since the Vietnam War.

Spurs Hire NBA's First Female Full-Time Assistant Coach

"I'm just thrilled for the opportunity to coach these unbelievable athletes," WNBA star Becky Hammon says at a news conference announcing her hire by San Antonio.

Obama Says U.S. Exports Have Room To Run In Africa

The White House says U.S. exports to Africa have jumped 40 percent in five years. But the administration says growth can be even faster. "I want Africans buying more American products," Obama said.

Doritos Inventor's Grandson Sees Dollar Signs ln Healthful Food

Tim West's grandfather was an executive for Frito-Lay, and the 30-year-old entrepreneur grew up on junk food. But he now wants to shake up the food system with a restaurant serving tempeh and quinoa.

Ukraine Forces Near Rebel City As Russia Escalates Border Exercises

Government troops and separatists have been fighting for months for control of eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian leaders say Russia has been supplying the separatists a charge Moscow denies.