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All Together Now: The Beatles Are (Back) In Mono

The latest reissue project in the never-ending celebration of the most famous catalog in rock 'n' roll goes back to the beginning. Does listening to The Beatles in mono make sense in 2014?

Behind Every Good Whisky Is A Trusty Distillery Cat

Whisky requires grain, which attracts mice and birds, which is why we have distillery cats. These days, though, public relations is also a key part of the job.

The Video, The Tabloid Site And The NFL's Unwanted Reckoning

The assault by former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice on his then-fiancee was public knowledge. But new video released by TMZ on Monday defined the story, says NPR's David Folkenflik.

Formula One Legend Michael Schumacher Sent Home From Hospital

The seven-time Formula One champion has been recovering from a serious head injury caused by a December skiing accident in France.

Apple Shows Off Larger iPhone 6; Unveils New Apple Watch

After months of rumors and dozens of fan-created images of what an Apple watch might look like, the tech giant shows us what it's been working on today.

A Fresh Look At Flight Safety Instructions

Maybe we should listen to the flight attendants to help us get through some turbulent times on the ground as well.

Dutch Investigators: MH17 Brought Down By 'High-Energy Objects'

The preliminary report on the destruction of the Malaysia Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine does not directly say it was downed by a missile, but it leaves little room to conclude otherwise.

5 Questions About The 2 Weeks Congress Plans To Work This Fall

It's not fair to call this a "do nothing" Congress. It's just that the House and Senate each have very different "to do" lists.