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Butterfly Shifts From Shabby To Chic With A Tweak Of The Scales

By playing with the physics of wing color, scientists get a glimpse into how butterflies get their colors, and how quickly they can evolve from brown to brilliant.

Carroll, Iowa: Where The Childhood Paper Route Is Alive And Well

Most newspapers today are delivered by adults in cars, not kids on bikes. But in Carroll, young people who want to make some money on a paper route are growing up in the right place.

Senior Khmer Rouge Leaders Found Guilty Of Crimes Against Humanity

The verdict is the first to be handed down against the top Khmer Rouge leadership. As many as 2 million people died in the regime's "killing fields." The two men will serve life in prison.

The Murky Motives Of The Afghan Soldier Who Shot A U.S. General

The soldier resented the Taliban, according to fellow soldiers. But he was apparently upset that male British troops were training female Afghan soldiers, they say.

Mass. To Make Big Food Wasters Lose The Landfill

By October, the state will have the most ambitious commercial food waste ban in the U.S. Institutions that produce more than a ton of waste a week will have to find new uses for their scraps.

Tests That Look Like Video Games

Playable tests capture learning in action.

Federal Judges Weigh Gay Marriage Cases From 4 States

The outcome of the hearing could put more pressure on the Supreme Court to make a decision on states' same-sex marriage bans.

Russia Gives Edward Snowden 3-Year Residence Permit

Snowden has been in exile for a little more than a year, after he leaked a cache of classified documents that revealed some of the United States' most deeply held security secrets.