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Education Reform Is Becoming A Celebrity Cause

"I don't like bad teachers, so I don't think bad teachers should be given the gift of teaching forever badly," Whoopi Goldberg says.

Savannah-Chatham Police Partnering With State To Search For Signs Of Gangs

Officers from the state Department of Juvenile Justice are helping local police assess gang activity in Savannah.

Sen. Lamar Alexander Overcomes Tea Party Challenge

The two-term Tennessee senator's win marks a milestone for the Republican establishment: a Senate primary season in which every serious Tea Party challenge to an incumbent was fended off.

In Gaza, Cease-Fire Expires As Rockets Fly

It's still unclear whether the renewed fighting is a sign of something broader. Meanwhile, the peace talks in Cairo appeared to have stalled because of the rocket fire.

Khmer Rouge Convictions Offer Small Solace For Cambodian Victims

The Khmer Rouge terrified Cambodia when the group ruled the country in the 1970s. On Thursday, the two most senior surviving leaders of the regime received life sentences for crimes against humanity.

Obama Authorizes Limited Airstrikes In Iraq

Targeted airstrikes against Islamic militants have been authorized if the militants advance toward American personnel in northern Iraq.

PAC Wants Transparency In Senate Fundraising

A new political action committee wants the candidates in Georgia's US Senate race to reject donations from anonymous donors. CounterPAC ran a full page ad in the Atlanta Journal Constitution last week, asking Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue to reject so-called "dark money."

California Experiments With Fast-Tracking Medical School

Medical school is now one year shorter for aspiring doctors. An initiative at the University of California, Davis aims to produce more primary care doctors with less med school debt.