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U.K. Loses Big Vote On The Future Of Europe Now What?

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was furious when EU leaders voted to nominate Jean-Claude Juncker as head of the European Commission. It raises questions about the U.K.'s future in the EU.

Takeaways From Supreme Court Rulings On Buffer Zones, Recess Picks

The court limited presidential power to make appointments when the Senate isn't in session and narrowed a state's power to have protest-free zones outside abortion clinics. Here are the implications.

U.S. Says It Won't Make More Anti-Personnel Land Mines

Saying it wants to join an international treaty banning anti-personnel land mines, the U.S. announced today that it will no longer make "or otherwise acquire" them.

New Report Calls Savannah River Third Most Toxic In America

A new report ranks the Savannah River third in the country for the amount of toxic discharge released into its water. More than 5 million pounds of waste were discharged into the river in 2010, according to the report from Environment Georgia. Tonya Bonitatibus of Savannah Riverkeeper says officials have been working on a pollution reduction plan for several years. But she says little has changed in the meantime. “What we’ve got on this river is we’ve still got a large amount of pollution going in, we’ve got permits that expired five, six years ago, and it’s the status quo.”

On Being Gay, And Socialist, In Cuba Today

Isbel Diaz Torres sees his LGBT rights activism as an extension of Cuba's socialist revolution. Attitudes are changing, but he's still struggling to find a place in the island's political landscape.

White House Task Force To Save Bees Stirs Hornet's Nest

When the administration created a task force to combat the ongoing collapse of the nation's bee population, it created more than a little buzz.

Top Shiite Cleric Calls For Deal On Next Iraqi Leader Amid Crisis

The call Friday by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani came as Human Rights Watch said ISIS militants likely executed at least 160 unarmed men when they took the city of Tikrit.

Suarez Ban Is 'Excessive,' Bite Victim Says

Days after being bitten by Uruguay's Luis Suarez during a World Cup match, Italy's Giorgio Chiellini says Suarez's four-month ban from soccer is too harsh.