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Influx Of Children Creates New Strain On Beleaguered Immigration Courts

Tens of thousands of Central American children have been detained this year crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Many will now enter a legal system where cases can take 18 months or longer to resolve.

U.S. Bounced Out Of World Cup By Belgium, Ending Team's Run

Belgium beat the United States by scoring two goals in extra time. The U.S. made a late run, but the clock ran out and the U.S. is coming home.

FTC Alleges T-Mobile Charged Customers Millions In Bogus Charges

The Federal Trade Commission alleges the company profited from scams against its customers. Its long phone bills, the FTC says, made it nearly impossible for customers to understand the charge.

Language Barriers Pose Challenges For Mayan Migrant Children

Indigenous children from Guatemala who arrive at the border speaking little or no Spanish present complications to officials and attorneys who are better primed to serve Spanish-speaking immigrants.

Another Day, Another Reason For Voters To Loathe Congress

At a time when congressional approval ratings are at rock bottom, the House Ethics Committee quietly made it harder to track privately financed trips taken by members of Congress.

Breeding Battle Threatens Key Source Of California Strawberries

The University of California, Davis is the source of most commercial strawberries. Now, the university's strawberry breeders are going into business for themselves, and farmers are worried.

Tropical Storm Arthur Will Have Little Impact On Georgia

The first Tropical Storm of the season has formed off the coast of Florida. Tropical Storm Arthur is expected to stay well east of Georgia as it passes by on Thursday. Kent Frantz with the National Weather Center says is expected to stay well off Georgia’s coast. The state is on what is called the storm’s “dry side” so there won’t be much of an impact. “We should actually have lesser chances of thunderstorms than we’ve had for several days,” said Frantz. “So we should actually have nicer weather. But it will be a few degrees above normal. We’ll be in the low to mid 90’s for the next couple days as this passes by.”

Jay Self Out At Medient Studios

The former director of Savannah’s film office says he’s no longer working for Medient Studios in Savannah. Jay Self tells GPB he’s no longer employed by the film company, but is declining further comment for now. Medient’s board fired its former CEO and several other key employees following a shakeup last month. Self was fired from the City of Savannah Film Office in 2013. He took a job as Medient's head of corporate affairs soon after.

A Misspent Youth Doesn't Doom You To Heart Disease

You don't necessarily have to waste your days regretting the mistakes of your youth. People who drop bad habits by their 40s can slow or even reverse damage done to their arteries, a study finds.