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Tropical Storm Arthur Will Have Little Impact On Georgia

The first Tropical Storm of the season has formed off the coast of Florida. Tropical Storm Arthur is expected to stay well east of Georgia as it passes by on Thursday. Kent Frantz with the National Weather Center says is expected to stay well off Georgia’s coast. The state is on what is called the storm’s “dry side” so there won’t be much of an impact. “We should actually have lesser chances of thunderstorms than we’ve had for several days,” said Frantz. “So we should actually have nicer weather. But it will be a few degrees above normal. We’ll be in the low to mid 90’s for the next couple days as this passes by.”

Jay Self Out At Medient Studios

The former director of Savannah’s film office says he’s no longer working for Medient Studios in Savannah. Jay Self tells GPB he’s no longer employed by the film company, but is declining further comment for now. Medient’s board fired its former CEO and several other key employees following a shakeup last month. Self was fired from the City of Savannah Film Office in 2013. He took a job as Medient's head of corporate affairs soon after.

A Misspent Youth Doesn't Doom You To Heart Disease

You don't necessarily have to waste your days regretting the mistakes of your youth. People who drop bad habits by their 40s can slow or even reverse damage done to their arteries, a study finds.

The Push Is On For Safer Streets In Georgia

Three men were struck by a pickup truck and killed while trying to cross I-85 in Atlanta’s northeast suburbs Tuesday morning. While police say it appears the men were intoxicated, this accident does highlight the fact that Georgia is among a group of southern states with the highest rates of pedestrian fatalities. That’s according to a new study by the National Complete Streets Coalition. The report shows roads in Columbus, Atlanta and its northern suburbs are very dangerous for people on foot. But Macon tops the list when it comes to per capita pedestrian deaths in Georgia.

Skip The Stirrups: Doctors Rethink Yearly Pelvic Exams

The American College of Physicians says annual pelvic exams aren't necessary for healthy women and could be harmful. But not all doctors agree, and the new recommendation is stirring up debate.

Want To Show Waffle House Your Team America Spirit? Avoid Belgian Waffles

“Scattered”, “smothered”, and “covered” are just some of the words well known by the Waffle House faithful, but today the culturally iconic restaurant had new words for the Twittersphere: “We believe that we will win!” In light of the U.S. soccer team’s match against Belgium, Waffle House has declared a boycott on Belgian waffles. The Norcross-based restaurant says it has never sold Belgian waffles and never will.

State Of The Painkiller Nation: Wide Variation In Prescription Rates

Abuse of narcotic painkillers is a national problem. But it turns out that where you live can make a big difference in how likely you are to get a prescription for the medicines.

Skimpier Health Plans Could Impose Big Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Insurers and some Democratic senators say people should have a cheaper option on the health exchanges. But those plans may leave people with painfully high copays and deductibles if they get sick.

Asking Kids With Special Needs To Clear The Same Bar

An official pronouncement raises more questions than it answers.

For Sale: South Dakota Town With Bar, $399,000

The prairie hamlet of Swett population 2 plus a dog comes with 6 acres, a house, three trailers, an old tire shop and a Volvo semi. If you don't have the money, no Swett.