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Sandwich Monday: The Dahlia

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try The Dahlia, from Denver Biscuit Co. It's a breakfast sandwich served on a French toast biscuit.

St. Louis-Area Rally For Teen Killed By Police Turns Violent

Police and witnesses agree the teen did not have a gun and that a third person was also involved; beyond that, the details of Michael Brown's death are in dispute. A federal inquiry has been opened.

'Shark Week' Fuels Shark-Meat Feeding Frenzy At Restaurants

The craze to embrace all things shark during Discovery's "Shark Week" in August is exploding onto menus. But the hype doesn't hide the fact that many of these creatures are endangered.

WATCH: Rescue Mission In Iraq Leaves Everyone Onboard In Tears

New footage shows dramatic operations to help people stranded in mountains in northern Iraq. As people flee militants, the Pentagon says its airstrikes have slowed but not stopped the Islamic State.

Atlanta Schools Cheating Trial Will Be A Long One

The trial of 12 former Atlanta Public Schools employees accused of cheating got under way Monday, and it’s expected to be a long one. As jury selection begins, potential jurors are bracing themselves for a three-month trial.

To Resolve Feud Over Fracking, Colo. Democrats Turn To Plan C

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper has declared a compromise to avert a fight over oil and gas drilling. It's meant to solve fracking-related disputes, but it also serves Democrats' political interests.

Rain Gauge: 2014 Normal Year For Precip

You may feel like you’ve been dodging more than your fair share of raindrops, but don’t let the last week or so fool you. The state’s rainfall is about average this year.

For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like A Chef

The French phrase mise-en-place means to gather and arrange the ingredients and tools needed for cooking. But for many culinary professionals, its organizing principles are also a way of life.

A Coping Plan Can Help Fend Off Depression From Vision Loss

About 25 percent of people with macular degeneration in both eyes develop clinical depression. But developing strategies for staying engaged in passions and people may cut that risk by more than half.

What Makes A Nation Happy?

A group representing some of the world's richest countries has created an interactive online tool that invites the public to rank 11 factors that contribute to happiness.