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From McDonald's To Organic Valley, You're Probably Eating Wood Pulp

Many processed foods contain cellulose, which is plant fiber that is commonly extracted from wood. It's used to add texture, prevent caking and boost fiber. And it's been around for ages.

4 Children, 2 Adults Killed In Apparent Domestic Dispute In Texas

The suspect in the shootings in Spring, Texas, engaged police in a three-hour standoff before surrendering.

Clash In Nashville: A Property Battle On Music Row Draws A Crowd

After decades hosting country greats, RCA Studio A is in jeopardy and there are local music titans on both sides of the fight.

From Calif. Teachers, More Nuanced Views On Tenure

Some teachers say they want to preserve tenure, but add that it's time for a look at the rules.

Bingeing On Bad News Can Fuel Daily Stress

Simply watching, reading or listening to steady news coverage of a traumatic event can be as stressful as experiencing the event in person, research suggests.

Kurdish Leaders Boycott Iraqi Government Meetings

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki accused Kurds of sheltering terrorists and Saddam Hussein loyalists. Kurdish ministers withdrew from meetings, calling on Maliki to resign.

Could A Socialist Senator Become A National Brand?

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders opposes war and advocates for veterans. Even in the most conservative corner of Vermont, he's managed to do well. Now there's buzz that Sanders may run for president.

Last-Resort Antibiotics In Jeopardy As Use Rises Globally

Antibiotic sales in clinics and pharmacies around the world rose by more than a third over a decade. Now drugs reserved for the most dangerous bacteria are at risk of losing their effectiveness.

The Little Spacecraft That Couldn't

A team of volunteer space cowboys may have to say goodbye to ISEE-3 and to their dream of reviving for a final mission the creaky, 36-year-old hardware. Failed tests Wednesday suggest a fuel problem.

Coastal Ga. Weekend: Tips And Tricks For The Beach

Visit Tybee Director Sara Lane has tips for beating the crowds, watching the sunset and having a blast at Georgia’s beaches. -To avoid crowds and traffic, it’s best to head to Tybee early in the day. The roads and beaches fill up more as the day wears on. -Parking is rarely easy on Tybee, but locals take advantage of the larger parking lot at north beach, near the lighthouse.