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If A Monkey Takes A Photo, Who Owns The Copyright?

In 2011, a macaque took over wildlife photographer David Slater's camera and took a striking image. Now Slater is clashing with Wikimedia over who owns it.

Embattled Montana Senator Withdraws From Race

In the wake of plagiarism accusations, appointed Democratic Sen. John Walsh announced Thursday he would not seek a full term in November.

Iraq's Widening War Imperils A Religious Minority

The Yazidis are an ancient religious sect concentrated in a remote corner of Iraq. They've been thrust into the spotlight of Iraq's nasty conflict, with thousands taking refuge in barren mountains.

Transformer Paper Turns Itself Into A Robot. Cool!

Start with paper; add Shrinky Dinks, a microprocessor, heat, and voila! It's not quite that easy. But this engineering project might one day lead to a printable, flat spacecraft that folds itself.

Interval Training While Walking Helps Control Blood Sugar

Sure, you know that walking is a simple, low-impact way to get exercise. But did you know that adding faster intervals to the walk could help control blood sugar levels?

Your Favorite Songs, Abridged

A Top 40 radio station in Calgary, Alberta, is promising listeners "twice the music" by cutting the length of its songs in half.

Georgia National Guard Unveils Memorial Wall

They gave their lives for our country and now their sacrifice has been memorialized at Clay National Guard Center in Marietta. 42 members of the Georgia National Guard have been killed since the Global War on Terror began in 2003.

Spirits, Squares and Shooting Movies in Savannah: A Conversation with Screenwriter Chad Darnell

The Georgia native screenwriter shares behind-the-scenes stories that inspired his script that will be Medient's first feature film production in Savannah.

Savannahians Celebrate First Fridays at Art March

Art Rise Savannah’s Art March is gearing up to add new vendors and forms of entertainment after receiving a 5,000 dollar grant.

Michigan Man Found Guilty In Shooting Death Of Girl On His Porch

The white homeowner said he shot the 19-year-old because he'd felt threatened when she pounded on his door after 4 a.m. She had crashed her car about half a mile from his house.