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Predictions Of 'Peak Oil' Production Prove Slippery

Just a few years ago, authors were predicting production would soon hit a peak and then decline. But since then, supplies have surged. So are the forecasters now slapping themselves in the head?

Do We Need A New 'Environmental Impact' Label For Beef?

Labels like "organic" and "grass-fed" don't capture the beef industry's true environmental impact, researchers say. Why not have a label that assesses water use, land use and greenhouse gas emissions?

Reality Check: To Burn Off A Soda, You'll Have To Run 50 Minutes

What might make us pay attention to calorie information on menus? Researchers think that including how many miles of walking or minutes of running it takes to burn off the calories ordered would help.

Airbnb, New York State Spar Over Legality Of Rentals

The state's attorney general says nearly three-quarters of Airbnb's listings in New York City are illegal. The company says local laws should be changed to accommodate the sharing economy.

Hong Kong Police Launch Dawn Raid To Dismantle Protest Site

Officers moved into the camp in the city's congested Mong Kok district, rousing sleeping protesters and clearing the road of metal and bamboo barricades set up by pro-democracy demonstrators.

Free Speech In Hong Kong, Then And Now

NPR's Frank Langfitt has traveled to Hong Kong since 1997, when the former British colony reverted to Chinese rule. Back then, residents spoke openly and gave their full names. Not anymore.

Walk-Off 3-Run Homer Sends Giants Past Cardinals To The World Series

The bash by leftfielder Travis Ishikawa gave San Francisco a 6-3 win, sent St. Louis home, and set up a title matchup with the streaking Kansas City Royals.

Silicon Valley Companies Add New Benefit For Women: Egg-Freezing

The addition of the benefit by Facebook and Apple comes as tech companies face mounting pressure to hire more women, but some warn it may increase pressure those employees feel to put off having kids.

Just Seeing Charts And Graphs Makes Drug Claims More Credible

Graphs look so impressive. Even graphs that include no new information made people more likely to think that a drug is effective, a study finds. Can you inoculate yourself against that bias?