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Bill Would Lower Military Drinking Age

US Representative Jack Kingston wants to lower the drinking age for men and women serving in the military. The Republican, who represents Georgia’s 1st Congressional district that spans Savannah to Valdosta, is co-sponsoring a bill. It would allow service members age 18 and up to buy beer or wine on base if it’s consumed on-site.

Barnes and Deal Spar Over Tax Returns

Gubernatorial Candidate Roy Barnes is using ads to push his opponent Nathan Deal to release income tax returns. The Ad by the Barnes campaign released last week shows a picture of Nathan Deal is a dark room with filing cabinets.

Tax Reform Panel Begins State Tour

The first of a series of public hearings on reforming Georgia’s tax code was held last night in Augusta.

Coastal Resources Absorb Cuts

Budget cuts in education are getting a lot of attention in this year's gubernatorial race, but a lot of smaller state agencies also are dealing with budget cuts. For instance, the Coastal Resources Division has cut its budget over the past two years by 52%. That's the most of any division within the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Tax Reform Group Tours State

Augusta residents can now voice their concerns about Georgia's tax code at a public meeting taking place tonight.

Ethics Probe Of Campaign Finance Law

An interpretation of a campaign finance law by the state ethics commission worries some lawmakers. It could open the door for contributions between candidates.

Thomas Can't Run As Write-in

The Secretary of State's office announced that former democratic senator Regina Thomas can't run as a write-in candidate in November's election.

Libertarians Switch Candidates

Georgia Libertarian candidate Rhonda Martini has withdrawn from the race for lieutenant governor. Martini reportedly left the race Wednesday to deal with family issues. Georgia law allows a party to choose a new candidate in the event of a withdrawal. The Times newspaper of Gainesville reports that Dan Barber of Buford appeared as the new Libertarian candidate for lieutenant governor late Wednesday on the secretary of state's website.

Repairs Coming To Fort Pulaski Bridge

A historical bridge leading to Fort Pulaski on Tybee Island will soon get much needed repairs thanks to $6 million from the National Park Service. The Federal Highway Administration cited crumbling piles, decay in the wood decking, rusting beams and other problems in a recent report on the bridge off U.S. 80. The bridge was given a C rating by the administration, which means it needs substantial repairs to prevent unsafe conditions.

Judicial Misconduct Cases Soaring

The number of Georgia judges who have resigned under clouds of scandal is mounting. After two Atlanta-area judges stepped down this month, a total of sixteen Georgia judges have left their benches in the past two-years amidst controversy and suspicion. Some of the cases involve sexual improprieties, voter fraud and a gross ignorance of the law.