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8th District Race Gets Heated

The district is always considered competitive. Considered a prime target by Republican leaders. Democrat Jim Marshall says advertisements give false statistics.

Indicted Lobbyist Has Ties To Georgia

Walker was one of at least 11 people indicted on federal charges of conspiracy, bribery and honest service fraud in Alabama this week.

Lt. Gov. Candidate Profiles: Cagle vs. Porter

The top contenders in the race are the current Lt. Governor Republican Casey Cagle and Democrat Carol Porter.

Students Question Gubernatorial Candidates

In their first televised debate last night Georgia’s gubernatorial candidates faced a group of students. While answering mostly questions about education Nathan Deal and Roy Barnes continued their attacks on each other.

Georgia Lawmakers Draft Immigration Law

A group of state lawmakers is working on an immigration bill that is likely to mirror the controversial law passed in Arizona earlier this year. The move has advocates worried that the state’s economy could suffer.

Top Lawmakers Name Immigration Panel

The leaders of the Georgia House and Senate have announced the creation of a 14 member panel to look into Georgia immigration laws ahead of next year's General Assembly. The Senate leader, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, says the aim is to use every option to lessen illegal immigration's impact in Georgia. His election opponent says, it's too little, too late.

Georgia Prepared For Federal Teen Driving Law

A proposed federal law wants to push restrictions on underage drivers across the country. But when it comes to meeting requirements for the new law, Georgia is already ahead of the curve.

Three Democrats Want Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

A letter was signed by three Georgia Congressmen asking for the extension of tax cuts.

Ballot Question Addresses Business Contracts

When Georgia voters go to the polls this year, they'll be faced with five ballot questions. Among those is one you might not have heard of but which could affect worker-employee relations in Georgia. Amendment One would strengthen non-compete contracts, which some workers have to sign when they're hired.

Feds Could Block Pit Bull Ban

The city of Douglasville near Atlanta continues to pursue a ban on pit bulls. That’s because officials say the dogs are dangerous. But they may need to work around a new federal rule.