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Despite Legal Reprieve On Abortion, Some Texas Clinics Remain Closed

Texas clinics that provide abortion services were surprised by a ruling from the high court this week that allows them to reopen. But the bruising legal battle may have already changed the landscape.

Thailand Official: Martial Law Is Good For Tourists

With tourism down 20 percent, Thailand is looking for novel ways to lure visitors. According to the head of the tourist authority, military rule means it's extremely safe to visit.

Women Can Freeze Their Eggs For The Future, But At A Cost

Until recently, freezing human eggs was reserved for young women at risk of infertility due to cancer treatments. But some companies now pay for it for healthy women who want to delay motherhood.

Guard Screens Nigerian Ship Docked In Savannah For Ebola

The vessel was inspected as part of standard protocols to protect the ports from the illness.

Nurse Nina Pham To Be Transferred To NIH For Ebola Treatment

The first of two nurses who became infected after treating an Ebola patient at a Dallas hospital will be moved to a "high-level containment" facility at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland.

Capricorn In Retrograde: Macon's Endangered Musical History

The Georgia town was home to Otis Redding, Little Richard and Capricorn Records, a label that played a key role in the birth of Southern rock. Now, many of the city's musical landmarks are threatened.

Venezuela, A Diplomatic Rival For U.S., Wins Seat On U.N. Security Council

The last time Venezuela tried for a seat in 2006, the United States successfully lobbied against it. The U.S. expressed disappointment about Venezuela's inclusion.

Navajo Presidential Race Shaken By Language Gap

Chris Deschene's run for president of the Navajo Nation has been challenged because he's not fluent in the Navajo language. The dispute highlights a split among Native Americans over language issues.

The Most Common Jobs For The Rich, Middle Class And Poor

What do people up and down the income ladder do for work?

WATCH: Florida's Gubernatorial Debate Gets Off To A Bizarre Start

The debate began not with discussions about the economy or even about Obamacare, but about whether candidate Charlie Crist should be allowed to have a small fan to keep him cool.