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Water Manual Ignores Atlanta's Growing Needs

The Army Corps of Engineers is not going to consider Atlanta’s growing water needs as it rewrites its control manuals for Lake Lanier. Melissa Stiers reports that decision doesn’t sit well with Georgia leadership.

Atlanta Man Wages Google War Against Deal

An Atlanta man is using Google against gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal. It’s an attempt to influence what happens when people type Deal’s name into the popular search engine.

Deal: Non-Disclosure Was "Oversight"

A review of records by The Associated Press has found that Republican Nathan Deal did not disclose two active loans on which he and his business partner owe a combined $2.85 million.

Financial Issues Could Make or Break Deal's Campaign

A Survey USA poll released Monday shows Deal in a double digit lead over Roy Barnes.

Deal Won't Seek Bankruptcy

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal has run into financial trouble after backing a failed business venture by one of his daughters and her husband.

Ballot Question Fuels $1 Million TV Ads

A statewide coalition of business and medical groups is launching television ads in support of a November ballot measure that would increase car tag fees. The ads push a state constitutional amendment that if passed, would raise car tag fees by $10 a year to pay for a statewide trauma care network.

Georgia Republican Sweep Possible

Eric Gray says Georgia’s Democratic Party is using a new strategy, setting up 10 field offices around the state.

VA Nurses Picket Over Staffing Shortage

Nurses took to the streets today in Augusta to protest working conditions at the city’s Veteran's hospital. They say there aren’t enough nurses to properly care for veterans.

Tax Council Meeting In North Georgia

Special Council On Tax Reform and Fairness holding meetings this week. Group charged with re-working Georgia's tax code. Group wants comments from business and citizens.

Car Tag Fee Would Benefit Ga. Trauma Care

This November voters will be asked to approve a $10 car tag fee for trauma care. There’s worry that the current political climate could derail what advocates say is a much needed cash infusion.