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Southeast Coastal States Coordinate Policies

Georgia is one of four states participating in a coastal alliance aimed at getting the South Atlantic region in synch on environmental issues. The South Atlantic Alliance recently released a draft plan to coordinate state policies on port expansion, disaster response and other issues.

Amendment 5 Affects Only A Handful Of People

Georgia voters will be asked a question that affects tiny areas in just two counties when they go to the polls next month. It's constitutional amendment five. If passed, it'll let a handful of property owners in Chatham and Jeff Davis counties opt out of industrial zones.

Republican Leader Campaigning In Georgia

House Minority Leader John Boehner comes to Georgia. He was here to campaign for Austin Scott and Mike Keown, and promised them key appointments if elected.

Two Cities Court Sports Hall Of Fame

Macon and Athens showed up at mandatory meeting. Gathering was mandated by lawmakers. Decision on where to put the Georgia Sports and Music Halls of Fame will come by April.

Should Georgia Tax Businesses On Inventory?

On November 2nd, Georgians will vote on Referendum A which would get rid of state inventory tax.

Gov. Candidates Say No To Grocery Tax

As Georgia’s Tax Reform Council is looking at ways to reform Georgia’s Tax code, Georgia’s gubernatorial candidates say they do not support re-instating the tax on groceries.

AJC: Barnes Corrects Tax Filings

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes is changing his 2008 and 2009 tax filings. Barnes claimed deductions on a rental house he gave to his daughter and son-in-law in 2007.

Seniors Question Deal and Barnes

Georgia’s candidates for governor took questions on issues important to seniors in a ‘town hall’ phone conference with members of the AARP.

Jimmy Carter To Visit Middle East

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter will visit the Middle East with a delegation of global leaders seeking to build support for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

Two Georgia Democrats Supported By U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

Congressmen Jim Marshall and John Barrow receiving support from Chamber. Two of ten Democrats nationwide being helped with advertisements. Democratic leaders critical.