The race for Georgia’s open U.S. Senate has been costly. And not just in dollars. One veteran Senator – Saxby Chambliss – is retiring. And three sitting Congressmen will leave Washington at the end of this year because they gave up those posts to run for Chambliss’s seat. That’s a whole lot of Washington know-how. All were card-carrying Georgia fiscal conservatives, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t bring funding back to their districts.
12 people have requested petitions to get on the November ballot. The strong showing by Independents is a sharp contrast to four years ago, when only two Independents made it onto the ballot.
Early Voting has already begun for the July 20th primary, and while ballots are already being cast there is still time for Georgia voters to register to vote.
Early voting has begun in Georgia’s party primaries. But few people are casting ballots this early. That’s because there are a lot of statewide races with a lot of candidates to choose from.
Several states along the east coast have partnered with the federal government to push off-shore wind energy forward. Georgia is not among them, yet.
Democratic Party chair stops crtics of U.S. Representative running in primary.
Democratic Party chair stops crtics of U.S. Representative running in primary.
Gov. Sonny Perdue has signed a $17.9 billion budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Budget woes plagued this year's legislative session and lawmakers were forced to hack some $300 million from the original spending plan.
Pledging to fight for what he calls market-based healthcare reform, toughen border security and expand drilling for oil, Tom Graves beat fellow Republican Lee Hawkins.
Early voting is underway for the July 20th primary election.
Hawkins and Graves: Voting opens Tuesday for northwest Georgia.