In a political upset, Congressman Jack Kingston lost the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate Tuesday night to millionaire businessman David Perdue. The Savannah representative gave up the seat he’s held in Congress for 22 years to run for U.S. Senate in a bid to help the GOP win back control of that chamber. What’s more, he won the backing of nearly all prominent Republicans in Georgia. But it wasn’t enough to stem a tide of anti-Washington fervor that’s tarred Republicans as much as Democrats. Kingston said the race is about more than who represents Georgia in the Senate.
Ray Boyd has ended his campaign for Georgia governor.
The defeat in Congress of a sweeping jobs bill could rip a $375 million hole in Georgia's budget. The legislation contained an extension of Medicaid dollars. Georgia is counting on the money to help balance the $17.7 billion state budget...
The secretary of state says they just comply with the federal Help America Vote Act, but legal analysts say Georgia’s implementation goes beyond what federal law requires.
Georgia’s new State School Superintendent Bradley Bryant needs 44 thousand verifiable signatures in order to run for the office as an independent.
June 21 is the last day that Georgia citizens can register to vote.
In the rotunda of the state capital, Baker says the program could eventually raise more than $2 billion a year to expand Pre-K and increase teacher pay.
The Georgia Association of Educators has announced candidate endorsements for schools superintendent and lieutenant governor. But the group stopped-short of doing the same in the race for Governor.
12 people have requested petitions to get on the November ballot. The strong showing by Independents is a sharp contrast to four years ago, when only two Independents made it onto the ballot.
Early Voting has already begun for the July 20th primary, and while ballots are already being cast there is still time for Georgia voters to register to vote.
Early voting has begun in Georgia’s party primaries. But few people are casting ballots this early. That’s because there are a lot of statewide races with a lot of candidates to choose from.