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Barnes and Deal Spar In Final Debate

Both candidates faced stinging questions, but it was Nathan Deal who found himself subject to attack from two sides. The Democrat, Roy Barnes, challenged his votes affecting women. The Libertarian, John Monds, challenged his conservative credentials.

Barnes and Deal Vie for Votes on the Coast

Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal are trolling for votes on the Georgia coast. It's a region that helped send Barnes to the governor's mansion in 1998 but may lean more Republican now that he's seeking his old job back.

Why Ag Chief Should Be A Farmer

On Nov. 3rd, voters will choose between three men hoping to replace Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin after 42 years at the post. Republican Gary Black has spent his career working in the state’s agriculture industry. He told Rickey Bevington about the importance of his political experience, as well as why Georgia’s next Agriculture Commissioner should be a farmer.

GOP Lawmakers Assess Immigration

State lawmakers took up immigration laws at the state capitol Thursday. The new committee is tasked with strengthening Georgia’s immigration policies.

A Libertarian Look At Agriculture

Thursday on All Things Considered, Rickey Bevington continues her interview series with Georgia’s candidates for Agriculture Commissioner. Kevin Cherry is a Certified Pest Control Operator and a Libertarian seeking to replace Tommy Irvin, who has held the seat for 42 years. Cherry tells Rickey that after nearly a half-century under Irvin, the Department needs updating.

Immigration Committee Meets

The committee created last month to tackle immigration reform will meet on Thursday.

Ag Candidate Touts Horse Racing

Georgians will elect the state’s first new Agriculture Commissioner in more than 40 years on Tuesday, November 3rd. J.B. Powell is a state senator and a cattle farmer and is the Democrat seeking to replace long-time commissioner Tommy Irvin.

Secret Money Part Of Georgia Races

Advocacy groups not affiliated with a political party have pumped money into some Georgia races this year. The fact that their donors are hidden bothers advocacy groups. Georgia’s hotly contested 2nd and 8th Congressional districts are the recipients of most of the non party affiliated money.

State Supreme Court Race Heats Up

The incumbent is facing his first election since being appointed by Gov. Sonny Perdue. His main challenger has mounted an aggressive campaign aimed squarely at the incumbent's integrity. His other challenger is nowhere to be found.

The Race For The Governor's Office

With the general election fast approaching on November 2nd, hear from the candidates for governor. GPB's Edgar Treiguts sat down with Democrat Roy Barnes, Republican Nathan Deal, and Libertarian John Monds in separate interviews.