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Recovery Coach Helps An Addict Resist Heroin's Lure

A Cape Cod treatment center says it is breaking addiction's hold and saving money by offering newly released patients daily, or even hourly, coaching by paid consultants.

St. Louis Police: Black Teen Shot In Altercation With Officers

An 18-year-old man identified as Michael Brown, who was reportedly unarmed, was shot several times and killed on Saturday in what police say was a struggle that ensued after he assaulted an officer.

Turkey's Erdogan Wins First Direct Presidential Election

The country's prime minister for the past decade has said he wants to expand the powers of the until-now largely ceremonial post.

Israel Accepts New 72-Hour Cease-Fire In Gaza

Israeli officials say they have agreed to the new cease-fire deal reached in Cairo with representatives of Hamas.

West African Border Crossings On Lockdown Amid Ebola Spread

Guinea denied earlier reports that it had closed its border with neighboring Liberia, but sources on the scene say trucks are blocking the crossings.

Private Prisons House More Latinos Than Do Public Ones, Study Finds

An analysis of federal data by a University of Oregon sociologist echoes earlier research suggesting that white inmates are underrepresented at private prisons relative to public facilities.

Virtual Reality's Next Hurdle: Overcoming 'Sim Sickness'

Researchers as well as virtual reality hardware and software makers are working to better understand motion sickness caused by some VR technologies.

Ukraine Rebels Reportedly Make Cease-Fire Offer

The self-styled prime minister of the Independent Donetsk republic says his forces are willing to stop the fighting to avert a humanitarian crisis.