The race for Georgia’s open U.S. Senate has been costly. And not just in dollars. One veteran Senator – Saxby Chambliss – is retiring. And three sitting Congressmen will leave Washington at the end of this year because they gave up those posts to run for Chambliss’s seat. That’s a whole lot of Washington know-how. All were card-carrying Georgia fiscal conservatives, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t bring funding back to their districts.
State Rep. David Ralston is highlighing transportation, trauma care, ethics and budget bills passed by the GOP-dominated General Assembly.
The newly appointed Superintendent of Schools has just one week to gather thousands of signatures to run in the race to keep his seat as head of Georgia’s schools.
Georgia’s Primary is only a couple of weeks away. Many polls show that a lot of voters are still undecided. One reason might be, that there just are too many candidates to choose from
Dodge County the site of another voter fraud case
Ray Boyd has ended his campaign for Georgia governor.
The defeat in Congress of a sweeping jobs bill could rip a $375 million hole in Georgia's budget. The legislation contained an extension of Medicaid dollars. Georgia is counting on the money to help balance the $17.7 billion state budget...
The secretary of state says they just comply with the federal Help America Vote Act, but legal analysts say Georgia’s implementation goes beyond what federal law requires.
Georgia’s new State School Superintendent Bradley Bryant needs 44 thousand verifiable signatures in order to run for the office as an independent.
June 21 is the last day that Georgia citizens can register to vote.
In the rotunda of the state capital, Baker says the program could eventually raise more than $2 billion a year to expand Pre-K and increase teacher pay.