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Congressional District Roundup

Republicans celebrated big wins across the state last night with a few exceptions.

Isakson Re-elected

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson was re-elected to a second term, defeating Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond.

Deal Takes Victory

Former U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal led a historic Republican election day sweep, as the GOP claimed all Georgia's statewide seats Tuesday night.

Republicans Sweep State Races

Republicans celebrated big wins across the state last night. They declared a sweep of all constitutional offices, and gained one Republican seat in congress.

Marshall Loses Seat In Congress

8th District Congressman jim Marshall loses seat after four terms in Congress. Austin Scott gets 53-percent of the vote. President Obama calls Marshall to offer condolences.

Democrats Lose Big In Georgia

It was a rough night for Georgia Democrats. They lost every statewide race and were unable to force a runoff in the Governor’s race.

Barrow Defeats McKinney, But Redistricting Looms

John Barrow has secured a US House seat for Democrats this election, but he wins in a district that was drawn for Democrats.

Republicans Hope For a Sweep

Republican leaders are hunkered down at their election night headquarters in an Atlanta hotel. Head of the state party Sue Everhart says she's looking for a sweep of the constitutional offices in Georgia.

Ga. Voters Send GOP's Isakson Back to Congress

Georgia voters are sending U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson back to Washington for a second term.

Statewide Polls Close

Polls are now closed across the state, as Georgia voters earlier in the day lined-up to cast ballots for a slew of state and local seats.