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Fraudsters Target Absentee Ballots

Two women in coastal Georgia’s McIntosh County have turned themselves in to police on charges of voter fraud. The women were charged with three felony counts of mishandling absentee ballots, after a local postal worker tipped off authorities that one of them mailed a stack of ballots before the November 2nd general election. Secretary of State Brian Kemp won’t comment on an open investigation, but says his office has recently collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for absentee ballot fraud.

Court Upholds Right To Interpreter

Georgia's highest court has ruled that a criminal defendent has a right to an interpreter at trial if he or she doesn't speak good English. The 5-to-4 decision came in the case of a Mandarin speaker convicted of cruelty to children. Annie Ling will get a new trial because she doesn't speak English well and her lawyer didn't secure an interpreter.

Runoff Races Include State Supreme Court

The race for State Supreme Court, among other local and regional races, will be decided in a runoff election on November 30th. Lawrenceville attorney Tammy Adkins will challenge incumbent Justice David Nahmias in the runoff.

Two More State Reps. Jump To GOP

Two south Georgia democrats will join the House Republican Caucus come January, giving Republicans close to a supermajority in the state house.

Will Earmark Pledges Hurt Habor Deepening?

With most of Georgia's Republican US House delegation signed on to a "no earmark" pledge, the fate of Georgia's biggest economic development project falls to Senators and some Democrats. GOP leaders in the new Congress say they won't pass a budget with unpopular so-called "pork barrel" spending. But that might include harbor deepening at the Port of Savannah.

New Law Needs Fix

When state lawmakers return to the capitol in January, they will need to fix a law in order to validate an amendment approved by voters. They say an oversight could cause confusion.

Two More State Dems Consider Party Switch

Rural Democrats could become even more endangered in Georgia if two state House Democrats follow through on discussions with GOP leaders to switch parties. The Valdosta Daily Times reported House members Amy Carter and Ellis Black were considering a Republican switch following the Republican rout of Democrats at the polls earlier this month. Carter told the paper she feared Democrats had become disconnected with rural voters.

Isakson, Chambliss Vote To Stop Earmarks

Senators Isakson and Chambliss both voted to halt pork barrel earmarks, a popular political practice used to funnel money to projects in Georgia.

Georgia Sues Justice Department

The State of Georgia is suing the U.S. Justice Department in order to enact a law that requires citizenship verification along with voter registration applications.

Freshman Congressmen, Including Two From Georgia, In Washington For Orientation

Austin Scott and Rob Woodall in Washington for oreintation. Newly-elected Georgia Congressmen getting crash course in being a lawmaker. Classes feature ethics, office management, parlimentary procedure.