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Jane Kidd Won't Run Again

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mike Thurmond, who recently lost a bid for the U.S. Senate, has been mentioned as a possibility to succeed Kidd.

Gingrich to Run for 2012 Presidency?

Newt Gingrich says he is inclined to run for the 2012 election and will make a final decision in February or March.

Kingston Wants Budget Chairmanship

U-S Congressman Jack Kingston is angling to fill a powerful post in the House G-O-P leadership. Kingston is one-of-three Republicans who want the position of Appropriations Committee Chair. It has huge influence over the federal budget. Kingston, however, has to get by two more senior House members.

Columbus Gets First Female Mayor

Teresa Tomlinson wins runoff. She says new administration will be younger and more diverse. Hopes to make city more efficient.

New Ban On Offshore Drilling

Georgia environmental groups are praising a decision by the Obama administration to reverse itself on offshore oil. Back in March, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the administration would open up the East Coast to offshore drilling. Now -- after the Gulf oil spill -- Salazar says, the administration will NOT persue Atlantic oil.

State Rep. Sellier Dead At 65

Sellier was recently reelected to his third term. Served on agriculture, consumer affairs, defense, veteran's affairs, education, health and human services committees. Sellier is survived by his wife Judye and three grown children.

High Cost For Low Turnout

Turnout for Tuesday's runoff elections is very low across the state. And rainy weather isn't helping the numbers. In Forsyth County voters have been asked to go to the polls a lot this year. The County has held 3 elections with 3 runoffs, each costing at least $50.000 dollars.

Deal Picks Economic Chief

Governor elect Nathan Deal will recommend a lobbyist for UGA as his new commissioner of Economic Development.

Senate Judiciary Committe to Vote on Amy Totenberg

Amy Totenberg was nominated by President Obama for the Federal Court in Atlanta, if voted in she will fill one of four seats on the U.S. District Court in Atlanta

Runoff Polls Open Tuesday

Polls will re-open this Tuesday for various state and local races. Georgia voters will have at least two races on their ballots.