Tom Barton of the Savannah Morning News talks with GPB's Sarah McCammon about the week's big news: runoff elections.
Hours after saying he would reject "Race to the Top" money for schools, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Nathan Deal reversed course and said he would keep the federal funds.
The run-off election will be held on Tuesday, August 10, but you can vote early through Friday, August 6.
In an Atlanta speech, President Barack Obama says America's combat role in Iraq will end Aug. 31 "as promised and on schedule."
President Obama says he will draw down troops in Iraq by the end of the month. He used a speech to the Disabled American Veterans in Atlanta for the announcement. The President also promised to help veterans no matter when and where they served.
The President visited Savannah in March to promote a relatively minor part of a massive energy bill. The U.S. Senate has all but killed any possibility of a major energy bill this year. But the Savannah-stumped HomeStar program survives.
Former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod from Albany says she will sue the blogger that broadcast a video of her. The video was edited and appeared to contain racially inflammatory comments. Suing could prove difficult/
State transportation board members got an overview Thursday of new funding plan.It will let voters decide in 20-12 if they want a new tax to pay for projects in their areas.
State Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond announced Thursday that federal extended unemployment insurance benefits are now being paid to nearly 91,000 jobless Georgians. The law extends the qualifying time for eligible recipients from June 2...
Immigrant advocates in Georgia are pushing the federal government to eliminate a program that gives local law enforcement immigration enforcement powers. The Arizona ruling this week, they say, helps their cause.
Republican gubernatorial hopeful Nathan Deal says as far as he knows he is not the target or the subject of a grand jury probe into his longtime business arrangement with the state. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution obtained documents showing that...