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North Carolina And Alaska Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

A shift in the two states is among the cascading effects of the Supreme Court's refusal to review any appeals in same-sex marriage cases in its current term.

For Italy's Gay Rights Advocates, It's 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Italy lags behind other EU states in guaranteeing equal rights for homosexuals. Gay couples have no legal recognition or adoption rights, and a bill that would make homophobia a crime has stalled.

On Front Lines Against Ebola, Training A Matter Of Life Or Death

At least 7,000 health care workers are needed to staff new Ebola treatment centers in Liberia alone. Those doctors, nurses and hygienists must learn how to protect themselves and how not to panic.

Friction Can Save Your Sandwich, And Other Tips For Better Bites

Many sandwiches lack structural integrity due to "the sliced cucumber conundrum," says Dan Pashman, author of Eat More Better. He has fixes for it and other kitchen woes like sad-looking leftovers.

Fiery Oil-Train Derailments Prompt Calls For Less Flammable Oil

Trains carrying oil from North Dakota pass through American towns daily and sometimes they derail and explode. The oil industry is now under pressure to make the oil less volatile before shipping.

'A Strange Situation' Indeed: Leech Spends Weeks In Woman's Nose

Mr. Curly. That's the name Daniela Liverani gave the 3-inch leech that doctors found living in her nostril last week. With that tone of creepiness established, we can now provide more details.

U.S. Strikes At ISIS In Kobani As Kurds Claim Progress

As the U.S.-led coalition carried out strikes on areas east and south of Kobani in Syria, new reports emerged about Turkey's role in supporting the fight against ISIS.

CDC: Atlanta Airport Screenings To Begin Thursday

Ebola screenings are set to begin Thursday at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta and the head of the Centers for Disease Control said isolating patients who may have traveled to West Africa should be the focus of healthcare workers across the country.

In Hopes Of Fixing Faulty Genes, One Scientist Starts With The Basics

Jennifer Doudna used to worry that her science wasn't doing anything important. Then some basic research led her team to a discovery that could one day be crucial in healing some genetic diseases.